Platinum Jubilee weather joy as UK to bask in heatwave on Queen’s long weekend

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Hot and steamy Britain is set to be blitzed by thunderstorms as our 27C sizzle goes bang.

But a second heatwave will see an even hotter 28C roast on the cards for the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in early June.

Thunder is set to rumble in the south today with more storms ahead for the Midlands and north tomorrow and Wednesday.

Half a month’s rain is due in an hour with 30mm deluges triggering flood warnings.

It follows 8,000 lightning strikes which hit in a megastorm on Saturday night in the South-West.

Yesterday nudged the 23.6C hottest day of the year with up to 27C due tomorrow.

It helped pubs to a 25million pints drinking session over the weekend.

John Hammond of weathertrending said: “It’s warmth with a bang as a plume of warm air drifts up from southern Europe.

“The potential is there for a lot of rain in some places.

“May 23-29 may bring a cooler contrast, but there is Jubilee optimism.

“Warmer weather is likely as we start June, with plenty of dryness in the early part of the month for Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”

Earlier this weekend, the Star reported how a new heatwave is expected to break out in the early part of this week.

Forecasters are predicting that temperatures will soar past the current record for 2022 twice in the space of four days.

In their long range outlook for next week, BBC weather say: "Early next week, we expect high pressure to be centred across Scandinavia while deep low pressure moves across the central north Atlantic that will drive a series of fronts across the UK.

"By Tuesday the high centre could be across eastern Europe. This pattern should bring a warm, southerly airstream across the country with some windy conditions."

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