Pilot left bloodied after huge bird smashes through plane windscreen

A pilot managed to keep his cool after a massive bird crashed through a plane's windscreen, leaving him a bloodied mess mid-flight.

Ariel Valiente recorded the terrifying encounter where the talons of a beastly bird were seen dangling next to the gore-spattered squadron leader.

Footage of the smash was recorded mid-flight by Ariel, who showed off his bloodstained uniform and face as he continues to steer the plane safely, appearing composed as he flies on.

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Despite the bloodied cockpit and the bird obscuring his view, the flight went to plan and safely landed, with some speculating the bird was a giant Andean Condor.

This particular bird breed can grow up to 10ft wide, and may be the animal which crashed through the windshield of Ariel's plane.

The bird which crashed into the plane reportedly died within a few minutes of impact while Ariel was left spattered with blood and bits of the bird, whose legs were seen directly in front of him.

Since the video was posted, a flight instructor has since explained how maintaining calmness is one of the fundamentals of basic training, DailyMail reported.

They wrote: "When in a stressful situation, pilots will revert to the first thing they learned. That's why initial training is so important."

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Aviation authorities are as yet unable to determine the altitude of the aircraft, with experts now attempting to figure out the route the craft was following when it collided with the big beast.

One person saw the footage and called it one of their biggest fears while on an aircraft, commenting: "Poor bird. This is one of my worries while flying."

Despite the blood smears on the back of the plane and the blob of guts and gore stuck in the pilot's eye, Ariel looked surprisingly calm about his experience.

His uniform was also covered with bits of bird in footage taken while flying the plane during a training exercise.

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