Pet owner ‘struggling to breathe’ at night finds fat cat sleeping on her chest

A cat owner has discovered the hilarious reason she struggled to breathe at night after re-watching her pet camera.

The woman, from China's capital Beijing, said she installed a pet camera in her bedroom after having some trouble breathing.

Three weeks ago, she looked through the footage to find out what could have caused her sleeping problem.

In the post she shared on Douyin, she wrote: "I guess I now know why I dreamed of lack of breath while swimming and woke up feeling tired."

Footage taken on December 25 shows her cat, Duier, a Russian blue, jumping onto her bed and walking straight to his owner.

The grey furry hunk then sits on his owner's chest and looks around the room.

The night vision-equipped camera even captures Duier's scary glowing eyes when he stares at the lens.

The owner added in the video description: "The probability of getting killed by a fat cat is relatively low, but it is absolutely not impossible.

"My cat weighs 7kg."

Viewers were left in stitches and commented that the cat's reaction revealed his "evil plot".

The owner asked: "What do you guys think my cat was up to in the middle of the night?"

One viewer said: "The way he looks back to the camera is telling you he has been planning to suffocate you."

Another wrote: "Just to check on you, whether you are still breathing."

"The one way you can get killed by your cat," a third joked. "Haha this is too funny to watch."

Some cat owners said they also woke up to their cats sleeping on their body.

But one cat owner commented that her cat would go under the blanket rather than sleeping on the chest.

"I wish Duier could do the same," the owner replied.

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