People spread their cheeks for botox injections in order to have better anal sex

Patients struggling with anal sex are resorting to getting botox injections in their rectums to decrease pain and help with anal tears for a more enjoyable experience.

Botox is typically used to decrease facial wrinkles by freezing the muscles. However, it can be used for other cases such as helping with jaw clenching and relieving migraines.

But some doctors are now offering anal botox to help relax rectal muscles for more comfortable back-door sex.

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“I tried butt plugs, dildos, having anal sex with boyfriends, and it just wouldn’t work,” one anal botox patient told Insider.

“It was excruciatingly painful to the point that I almost passed out a bunch of times.”

The procedure is typically carried out in a course of five injections which totals 100 units of botulism toxin (botox).

Patients largely turn to the injections to resolve medical issues such as anal pain during sex, as well as help with tears, fissures and haemorrhoids.

However it has also been used by people to increase the intensity of anal sex by enabling deeper penetration with larger objects.

Dr. Evan Goldstein, an anal surgeon in New York City, also told Insider the procedure he carries out on all kinds of people can be a “game changer” for those suffering.

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As part of his treatment, Dr. Goldstein runs multiple tests before asking patients to spread their cheeks for the injections, as well as sending patients home with post-injection butt plug training.

However, not all conditions are curable with the botox injections which means consulting a medical professional is advised.

Side effects can also include anal bleeding and mild-flu symptoms according to doctors at the University of Michigan Medical School.

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