People plunge into rocks as bridge collapses – just moments after it reopened

A newly remodelled bridge in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca collapsed moments after it was opened, leaving dozens with broken bones.

The city’s mayor had only moments before proudly opened the footbridge over a scenic stream on Tuesday when he and around 12 pedestrians plunged into the gap below.

A hanging bridge it was made of wood panels which, according to footage, appeared to separate from the metal chains supporting them.

People on the bridge, some of which were local council officials, fell around three meters onto rocks on the bed of the stream.

The governor of Morelos state where Cuernavaca is located, Cuauhtémoc Blanco, said Mayor José Luis Urióstegui’s wife and reporters were also amongst the people who fell.

The government of Cuernavaca city have since released a statement saying that a local reporter, four city council members and two other city officials were hurt in the collapse and have been taken to hospital, although there is no further update on their conditions at this time.

Mayor José Luis Urióstegui has been said by the city to have sustained, “light injuries and is out of danger”.

There is a chance that the weight capacity was exceeded by the high number of people stepping out onto the bridge at the opening.

Cuernavaca is located to the south of Mexico City and is a popular spot with people of the metropolis as it has lots of water and a pleasant temperature.

The rapid population growth has seen some of the city’s water features go unloved and become polluted.

The bridge had been hoped to provide a river walk along one of the city’s streams as part of a wider project to rejuvenate the area's natural attractions.

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