Over 4 million Brits could have royal blood and you might be one of them

It is a question many of us have asked ourselves —could we be related to royalty?

A claim to the throne would be nice, and you might be closer to the Queen than you realise.

Various studies suggest that a most people have connections to royalty in some way, due to shared ancestors, but some are much closer to the crown than others.

Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine suggested that there are over four million descendants King Edward III alive today.

There were an estimated 40 illegitimate children born in the royal family between the 11th and 15th centuries — all with their own unknown families and ancestors.

Have I got Royal blood?

Some heritage is harder to trace than others. It is all about mathematics.

With so many different generations and people through the years, we're all linked in some way.

Family Search said: "If you have British ancestors, there’s a chance that you could have royalty somewhere in your bloodline."

It is worth trying to chase your ancestors via various public records and websites that offer comparisons of historical documents.

My Heritage said: "It’s much easier to find documentation of them if you look in places other than regular church or citizen records.

"Sales records, land and ownership records, and other historical documents may help you trace your family back much further.

"Census records might help you associate your ancestors with royal residences."

Find My Past, meanwhile, has access to royal household staff from 1526-1924.

It is worth remembering that royalty doesn't just exist in the UK either, there are a number of famous royals over the years that you could well be related to, like Tutankhamun.

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A 2003 study suggested that one in every 200 men all over the world are descended from Genghis Khan.

Europeans in particular can claim royal heritage. Geneticist Adam Rutherford wrote for The Guardian:

"I can reveal however that I am a direct descendent [of] Charlemagne, Carolingian King of the Franks, Holy Roman Emperor."

"We are all special, which means none of us are. If you’re vaguely of European extraction, you are also the fruits of Charlemagne’s prodigious loins.

Celebrities with Royal heritage

There have been famous incidences of celebrities, on programmes like the BBC's 'Who Do You Think You Are?', being able to trace their ancestry back to royalty.

EastEnder actor Danny Dyer is a descendant of King Edward III, while comedian Josh Widdecombe recently discovered a connection to Edward I, as does rowing Olympic gold medalist Sir Matthew Pinsent.

Comedian singer and Pointless host Alexander Armstrong has a line to William the Conqueror.

Director Guy Ritchie is the sixth cousin of Kate Middleton, while his former wife —Madonna — is descended from the same line as Camilla Parker Bowles.

Finally, not content with being the queen of pop, Beyonce – according to Vogue – is the 25th cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II.

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