Our neighbour threw BRICKS at us over the fence – now WE’VE been charged over damaging her home… we’ll fight the charges

A MARRIED couple who were attacked with BRICKS in a row with their neighbours have themselves been charged with causing damage.

Sandra Durdin, 58, and Trevor Dempsey, 62, are accused of flooding an alleyway by persistently over-watering flowers outside their former home in Chingford, East London.

The couple are charged with one count harassment without violence each and Sandra is also charged with one count of criminal damage to property valued under £5,000.

It is alleged the couple rigged up dangerous barbed wire on garden fencing and set up “props and dolls” as part of a year-long campaign against next-door neighbour Joanne Shreeves.

But the pair claim the accusations are “nonsense” and are confident the charges against them will be dropped, after Shreeves was found guilty of assault, harassment, and criminal damage at Stratford Magistrates Court on May 16.

Sandra said: “Joanne has been trying to take us to court but we think it’s going to be thrown out after she was convicted of all those things.


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“She’s done just under £5,000 worth of damage to our property, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“Bricks and rockery were being thrown into our garden.

“One evening she was lighting fires in the garden and saying, ‘I’m going to burn you'. It was really really scary.

“She even jabbed a kitchen knife through the hedge to try and cut my hand. I was fearing for my life.”

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Joanne, 51, is the daughter of former Tottenham Hotspurs FC manager, Peter Shreeves.

Sandra believes she used her father’s name to her advantage – using his popularity to get people on side and defame her neighbours.

She said: “Joanne lives with her parents, and her father is a former football manager. She used his name because he had a good rapport with the press.

“It was all part of her campaign of hate against us.”

But the couple strongly deny the allegations put against them by the 51-year-old.

Sandra added: “All the things she accused us of are just utter rubbish.

“There was some barbed wire up on our fence but that was because we were robbed once, and they stole my car and ransacked the house. My husband works away so we had to protect our property.

“And it would be impossible for us to flood the alleyway because the houses are on a hill – ours was downhill from theirs – so it would just have flooded our property.”

According to Sandra, Joanne’s parents refused to intervene in their daughter’s behaviour, claiming “she is an adult, she can do what she likes”.

The couple do not believe Peter is at fault.

Sandra added: “We were in the garden and Joanne started shouting over at us, looking for an argument.

“The next minute we had eight police knocking on our door with tasers.

“He ended up being arrested.

“Luckily my son had been filming it all, so it was proven not to be true.”

Joanne reportedly made a total of 100 emergency phone calls to the police about her next-door neighbours.

“We actually had to move in the end because I was so scared. We had no life there.

“Joanne started saying she was going to kill me or that she’d send someone to kill me. I was frightened to leave my house.

“We were under so much pressure and strain. I was not sleeping at night, I had no quality of life.”

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Sandra and Trevor now live in the coastal town of Ramsgate, in Kent.

The couple will face trial on August 1 this year at Stratford Magistrates Court.

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