OnlyFans star told family about job after ‘stalker doctor’ tried to kidnap her

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An OnlyFans star was forced to tell her family that she was working in the adult industry after an “obsessed” doctor stalked and tried to kidnap her.

Alice Irving, 24, was only 18 at the time. It came before OnlyFans existed, when the Canadian-born model still had a day job alongside her fledgling career on cam sites.

After she told him she didn’t want him contacting her, the doctor started “harassing” Alice on her mobile phone.

He posted “false” information about her on Facebook, and things about her adult career which people from her hometown could see.

But it didn’t stop there. Alice exclusively told the Daily Star: “He visited me on my real job many times and my boss back then was like, 'No, you’ve got to the police now'.

“Because this man was not living in my area at all, so he went all this way to see me.

“Then he had me followed by a private investigation company and he figured out where I was living.”

One time when she returned home from work, Alice found that he’d printed a report from the private investigators and stuck it on her front door.

“I don't know what he did that for, maybe to intimidate me somehow,” she said.

She went to the police who, as of the laws in Canada, had to find him to serve him with a number of conditions based on her report.

However, he went into hiding, leaving Alice in a dangerous position whilst cops hunted him down.

She said: “For two weeks I could not live in my home, I could not go to work.

“The police said it was better for my safety if I was not staying in places where he knew.

“I was really nervous for my security because he was really really scary and threatening.”

The day after the doctor was eventually tracked down he broke the conditions, meaning that Alice needed to return to the police station to file another report – which he knew.

“The police actually arrived to me at my house,” she explained.

“They were like, 'We caught him, he was waiting for you next to the police station'.

“He was hiding next to the police station, waiting for me to arrive to kidnap me.”

Alice went in the police car to file another report and two years later the case went to court. He was found guilty of harassment and defamation of character.

She hasn’t heard from him since, having moved to several different places and ramped up her security.

Alongside being cautious with posting personal information or locations online, she also has her own private security and shares tips with her female followers regarding safety.

She said: “I have the best security ever so I feel absolutely safe, and I encourage other people to be very very careful with social media.”

Alice was forced to tell her family about her adult career after the doctor shared information about her on Facebook.

“He wrote a bunch of lies about my name, where I was working. It was really bad,” she said.

“I had no choice but to tell them [about working in the adult industry] but honestly they've been very supportive.

“After that I left where I was living, the city, my job. Obviously I lost friends along the way but they were not friends so I don't care.”

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