OnlyFans star Elle Brooke ‘hopes she lives to 50’ after ‘bloody random’ question

OnlyFans star Elle Brooke has told her Instagram followers she will “hopefully” live to the age of 50 after one fan asked her how old she thinks she’ll be when she dies.

The British adult content star admitted it was a “bloody random” thing to ask and quipped: “What kind of question is that?”

But the blonde bombshell clearly put thought into the answer and revealed she doesn’t have any dangerous habits, although she did used to smoke when she was younger.

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After she told her 496,000 fans on the social networking site to ask her a random question, many obliged and Elle was more than happy to provide answers.

Another question asked her if she could lick her elbow, to which Elle admitted it was “100% a trick question” but proceeded to do it anyway.

The 24-year-old said: “I feel like I know it’s impossible” before stretching out and attempting the manoeuvre, asking fans “Did I do it?”, while somebody else gave Elle another elbow-related challenge and told her to touch her elbows together on camera.

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She laughed: “You guys are just asking me questions to trap me, but I don’t care,” before completing the move and pulling a face.

But not all fans asked the influencer to do challenges and during a previous Instagram question and answer session she was asked if she was lonely by a concerned quizzer.

In the post Elle was asked: "Are you OK? You seem lonely from your posts. Just checking in on you."

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Fortunately, the adult star confirmed she was keeping well and promised she was "definitely far from lonely".

"I've been with so many people the last two weeks," she said.

"I'm definitely far from lonely. If anything I need a bloody break. I wanna be on my own."

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