Nicola Bulley cops give update on 'stained' glove found near where mum vanished in field | The Sun

POLICE searching for Nicola Bulley today confirmed a "stained" glove found near where she vanished does not belong to the mum.

The Sun revealed how officers had bagged up the clothing item as evidence after it was handed to them by two walkers.

It was feared the glove could belong to Nicola, 45, who disappeared while walking her dog on January 27 in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

But Lancashire Police gave an update on the mystery item in a press conference outlining the latest in the search.

Nicola Bulley cops today revealed:

  • Nicola Bulley cops say the missing mum was deemed 'high risk' due to 'vulnerabilities'
  • Detectives revealed in a press conference today they are investigating three possible scenarios over her disappearance
  • But cops insisted there is still no suggestion of a third party being involved
  • Police are now taking over her social media accounts as part of the investigation
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Nicola deemed a ‘high risk’ missing person because of ‘vulnerabilities’

Senior investigating officer Detective Supt Rebecca Smith said: "In terms of the glove that has been recovered, you'll no doubt be aware that TikTokers have been playing their own private detectives and have been in the area.

"A glove has been recovered that is not believed to be relevant to the investigation, it is not Nicola's but we have got that in our possession."

DS Smith also dispelled a number of other "persistent myths" that have surrounded Nicola's disappearance.

She confirmed a red van seen in the area at the time Nicola vanished is not seen as suspicious.

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Instead, police are hoping to track down the driver as they seek to identify everyone in the area that morning.

This is because there is not enough CCTV to fully complete Nicola's last movements.

DS Smith also gave an update on reports oftwo fishermen seen acting "suspiciously" in the area.

The hooded men were reportedly seen trying to hide their faces before Nicola disappeared.

The officer said the force are trying to trace the men in case they have any information.

But she added: "I myself don't find it suspicious that fishermen would be in the area of a river that morning or carrying fishing rods."

The nation has been gripped by Nicola's disappearance after her mobile was found on a bench still connected to a work conference call.

Nicola’s pet springer spaniel Willow was also found – but there was no trace still of the mum-of-two.

Amateur sleuths have flooded the small village and internet attempting to solve the case themselves.

But DS Smith said these armchair detectives have "distracted significantly" from police efforts to find Nicola.

She added: "In 29 years' police service I've never seen anything like it.

"Some of it's been quite shocking and really hurtful to the family."

Police also confirmed Nicola was treated as a high risk missing person when she disappeared, which was "normal for a missing person with the information we were in possession of".

DS Smith said they were made aware of these vulnerabilities after speaking to Nicola's partner, Paul Ansell.

She said: "It's normal in any missing person investigation that you obviously gather as much information at an early stage about the person in question, which is no different and we did that with Paul.

"I'm not going to go into the details of those individual vulnerabilities. I've asked you to respect the family, who are going through unimaginable pain and distress at this moment.

"But those vulnerabilities based our decision-making in terms of grading Nicola as high risk and have continued to form part of my investigation throughout."

The officer confirmed the "main working hypothesis" remains that she fell in the river but police have always been "open minded".

She revealed three theories for her disappearance – the river, Nicola leaving the area voluntarily and third party involvement.

But DS Smith said: "There is not a single piece of information or evidence to suggest there is any third-party involvement."

There is also nothing to suggest Nicola left the field voluntarily.

Asked if she hoped to find her alive, DS Smith said: "I hope with all my heart that we find Nicola Bulley alive more than anything."

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