New lockdown’s ban on takeaway pints ban be ‘death knell’ for beloved boozers

The latest lockdown rules could be the "death knell for many pubs”, according to CAMRA.

Under the new “Tier 5” rules, while restaurants can continue to offer delivery or take away services, but pubs will no longer be allowed to sell pints to take away because of the danger of people gathering into crowds outside boozers.

Camra chairman Nik Antona says that the new regulations mean that pubs’ remaining business will be destroyed by supermarkets – which are still permitted to sell alcohol.

"What is particularly concerning in the latest announcement,” he said, “has been the confusion around whether pubs will be able to operate on a level playing field with supermarkets and off-licences during this lockdown – as they have been able to previously."

He continued: "Takeaway sales, in sealed containers, for people to take home, were a real lifeline for the trade in previous lockdowns and restricting that route to market now would be a death knell for many pubs.

"This will once again provide an unfair advantage to supermarkets and off-licences that don't face similar restrictions.”

He added that Rishi Sunak's latest support package doesn’t go far enough to save many pubs, saying "It is nowhere near enough to cover the haemorrhaging costs for pubs and breweries.”

James Calder, the chief executive of the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) chief executive agreed with him, saying: "This is simply the next blow after months of struggle for England's community pubs and small breweries.

"For the first time in lockdown, the Government intends to ban takeaway alcohol sales, which have been a lifeline to these small businesses.

"Sales through takeaway, click and collect and drive-through have enabled many to just about survive up to now."

"This reversal in policy directly discriminates against small businesses while allowing supermarkets to continue to sell beer from global breweries.”

He added "Small breweries and community pubs need an urgent guarantee they can continue to offer takeaway, click and collect and drive-through sales and that there is a proper package of support to help small breweries before it is too late."

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