New FBI hate crimes statistics: Over 1,000 more offenses in 2020 than 2019, anti-Asian attacks up 73%

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There were nearly 1,000 more hate crimes committed in 2020 and over 2,800 more victims compared to 2019, with 63% of last year’s hate crime offenses related to race, ethnicity or ancestry biases, according to updated statistics released by the FBI on Monday. 

There were 8,263 hate crime offenses in 2020, with the majority having links to racial biases or those related to a victim’s ethnicity or ancestral background, the FBI’s amended 2020 statistics show. 

Of the remaining hate crime offenses, 15% were related to religious bias, 13% were related to the victim’s sexual orientation, 3% were gender identity, 2% were disability and 1% were gender. Three percent of the offenses involved multiple biases, the FBI said. 

Of the attacks, a staggering 279 hate crimes were anti-Asian — a 73% spike from 2019. Meanwhile 2,871 hate crimes were anti-Black or African American, that’s up 45.5% from last year. Anti-Semitic attacks decreased 29% year over year, FBI data show.

There were 11,975 hate crime victims in 2020, 84% of which were individuals and 5% were businesses, among others. 

The 2020 statistics were reported to the FBI by more than 15,138 law enforcement agencies. The records had initially been released in August 2021, but were amended to include full Ohio data for the year. 


TOTAL : 8,263

  • Race/ethnicity/ancestry bias: 5,227
  • Religion bias: 1,244
  • Sexual orientation bias: 1,110
  • Disability bias: 130
  • Gender bias: 75
  • Gender identity bias: 266
  • Multiple biases: 211


TOTAL: 7,287

  • Race/ethnicity/ancestry bias: 3,954
  • Religion bias: 1,536
  • Sexual orientation bias: 1,191
  • Disability bias: 144
  • Gender bias: 67
  • Gender identity bias: 189
  • Multiple biases: 206

Meanwhile, there were 7,287 hate crime offenses reported in 2019, the FBI found. 

Fifty-four percent of those incidents were related to racial, ethnic or ancestral biases, while 21% were linked to religious biases. Of the remaining hate crime offenses, 16% involved biases related to the victims’ sexual orientation, 3% were linked to gender identity, 2% were disability and 1% were gender, the FBI said. Again, 3% of the offenses involved multiple biases.

In all of 2019, there were 9,114 victims of hate crime offenses, the FBI said. Seventy-eight percent involved individual victims, while 6% involved businesses as victims and another 6% involved victims characterized as “other.”

There were 1,972 anti-Black or African American hate crimes in 2019, and 161 anti-Asian hate crimes. 


FBI statistics show 6,929 offenders were behind the hate crime attacks in 2020. Fifty-five percent of the offenders were White, while 21% were Black or African American, the FBI found. 

Statistics show 16% of offenders were of an “unknown” race while 6% were of multiple races, the FBI said. One percent of hate crime offenders were of Asian descent. 

Meanwhile, 6,562 offenders were linked to hate crime attacks in 2019, with 53% of offenders being White, 23% being Black or African American, and 15% being an “unknown” race, the FBI found. Seven percent of the offenders were of multiple races and 1% were American Indian or native Alaskan.

Fox News’ David Spunt contributed to this report.

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