Neighbours fed up with noisy sex want prostitutes ‘put in warehouse with beds’

Neighbours in a residential street afflicted by prostitution have called for a "warehouse" where sex workers can take punters so their illicit activity isn't visible on the streets.

Jackie and Michael Scott, 56 and 77 respectively, as well as their neighbour Sue Hawkins have spoken about hearing the “screams” and lewd acts going on at all hours because of the trade.

They’re regularly woken up late at night by all the unwelcome noise, they told Leeds Live.

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The couple live in Holbeck, Leeds where there used to be a legal red-light zone for prostitutes to carry out sex work. It was called the Managed Approach and permitted prostitution between certain hours on allocated streets.

But ever since Leeds City Council scrapped the controversial project in 2020 after six years, the situation has got much worse, according to the Scotts.

Michael, a retired security guard, has grown tired of hearing the “noises and the screaming”. He said: “I think it’s absolutely disgusting. The council closed the Managed Approach but now the prostitutes are coming into the residential areas."

The 77-year-old said he was recently woken up by a prostitute and her punter who were 'conducting business' directly outside his front door. He stuck his head out the window and saw she was wearing nothing but a small t-shirt and white hot pants.

He shouted at both of them to “move on!” and they went around the corner, to the next street, and continued their business there.

Michael said: “That’s what’s happening now, they don’t give a damn.”

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His partner Jackie heard a prostitute slamming the car door and shouting at her punter in a sweary 3am argument recently.

Jackie says she’s regularly woken up by the noise of the prostitutes, adding: "You can hear what’s going on."

But Jackie doesn’t want the Managed Approach to return, and instead wants sex workers shipped off somewhere "safe".

She said: “What they should do is find somewhere safe for them off the streets, like a warehouse and put beds there. Let them take the punters there.”

A Leeds city council spokesperson said it has seen a "positive trajectory” in its response to sex-work and anti-social behaviour.


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