My neighbour wanted me to replace her old fence so I got revenge – but everyone is saying SHE won | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER boasted how he got revenge on a neighbour who demanded he replace her old fence – but everyone is saying she won.

The bloke posted a video on TikTok to share how he got his own back on the "Karen" next door, but many are saying it backfired.

Jonny Steele (@jonny_steele) posted the 34 second clip on his page along with the caption: "Karen neighbour had her old fence torn down".

He then shows a clip taken from a hidden camera that he had planted in his garden of his neighbour ripping down her old, tattered fence.

"I built my new one when she wanted me to replace the old fence and me pay for it all," Jonny added.

The video captures two men in construction helmets and shorts pulling the neighbour's fence to the ground, revealing her backgarden and pool.


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The two men continued to work their way across the garden, ripping down each fence panel as they went.

The TikToker then explained: "I installed a camera to monitor between the fences, since it's on my side of the property – you can see my property line markers to the left of the fence".

"Let's see how long it takes her to find the camera," he wrote at the end of the video.

The clip ends by showing all of the neighbour's old fencing removed, with only Jonny's brand-new fence separating the properties.

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Racking up 34.1million views, the post quickly went viral on TikTok and amassed over 1.1million likes and 12,000 comments.

But even though Jonny claimed her got his revenge on his cheeky neighbour, his 123,000 followers had other opinions.

One wrote: "So now she got the new fence… and a bigger yard !"

Another said: "So you paid for all the fence and have her more property. Karen for the win".

A third commented: "More land an a new fence. Winning".

A fourth chimed in: "Just like that your yard got smaller".

A fifth user wrote: "Good deal for the neighbour new fence, more yard and didn't pay anything".

One more added: "Lol they held out and got a free fence AND a bigger yard," teamed with a trio of laughing emojis.

Jonny is known by his followers for posting "entertainment" videos around his home and local area and has over 5.6million likes on his channel overall.

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