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A WOMAN is devastated after she claims her ex-boyfriend told her he was taking their dog for a walk – but never returned.

Sonia Lovemore, a teacher from New Zealand, met her ex-boyfriend when they were both living in Manchester in 2019.

The 29-year-old moved to Qatar to support her new partner in his flying career after he was offered a job with Qatar Airlines.

During their relationship, they adopted Suri, a mixed golden retriever puppy.

But sadly after five years, the pair decided to split and share custody of the pooch.

Sonia told The Sun Online: "We decided that we would still share the dog. I'm the primary carer and he just takes her when he's in Doha not flying 20 per cent of the time.

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"The agreement is, anytime he wants to dog, he collects her from my house and tells me when hell drop her off.

"He would have her no more than five days maximum because of his job."

However, the last time Sonia's ex-partner collected Suri, she was gone for longer than normal.

"It became a week, a week and a half and I started asking questions – he was having her a lot longer than he would," explained Sonia.

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A couple of days later, the concerned pet owner asked when Suri would come home, and she was told she'd be "kept posted."

The 29-year-old alleged: "Later on, I found out that was the day he shipped her out of the country.

"She was on the way to the UK that day."

More days passed, and Sonia claimed she grew increasingly worried about her dog's welfare.

When she asked her ex, he told allegedly told her: "She was good, lots of exercise, happy."

But he offered no response when his ex asked again when her dog would come home.

Eventually, she was told March 18, but when the day arrived her pup was no where to be seen.

"On March 18 when I expected him to return her, he said 'I've brought my dog back to the UK and she's now safe and happy at home,'" Sonia claimed.

"He's not even in the UK. He's in Doha. The dog is with god knows who in the UK.

"I was wailing. I broke down, the thought of it now makes me want to cry again.

"It was the most gut wrenching feeling ever."

"I know what kind of person he is, he's manipulative, any anger will only make him happy," the furious owner claimed.

"It was hard but I knew I was going to the police and lawyers."

Sonia's case is now with Manchester Police, and she has to wait for official documents from Qatar authorities stating she is Suri's legal owner.

When Manchester Police have the proof, they will be able to return the retriever to Sonia, according to the 29-year-old.

She said: "As soon as that's sent over I'll go over there.

"I've done everything I possible can. I will continue to try my best."

Sonia's ex-partner has been approached for comment.

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