Musician ‘hopeful’ in rare cancer fight after starting £450k trial treatment

Musician Faye Fantarrow has said she is "hopeful" following a first round of trial treatment to battle against a rare form of brain cancer.

Faye was diagnosed with an aggressive form of glioblastomas and has since raised half of the £450,000 she needs to complete the trial treatment in the United States.

The musician said she was feeling "hopeful" after completing the first round of her trial after being told her condition was "not something that could be cured with the usual treatment".

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Since then, musicians and members of the public have rallied around the 20-year-old, who spoke exclusively to Daily Star about her fight and fundraiser, which more than half of its £450,000 goal.

Speaking of her diagnosis, Faye said: "I was diagnosed with aggressive glioblastomas at the end of August after a very short period of feeling unwell. It was obviously a huge shock and it was devastating to hear it is a very difficult to treat tumour.

"I was told it would not be something that could be cured with the usual treatment of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

"However, I have been given hope with the trial in the US. The treatment engineers my own cells, which usually fight infection, and teaches them to attack the tumours."

After an "initial stage" to collect cells so lab experts can "teach them to fight the tumours", Faye is back in the UK, "feeling fatigued from the journey but hopeful."

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Following the training of the cells, Faye will head back to the US to "have them put back and hopefully fight these tumours."

Speaking of how the treatment works, Faye added: "The treatment engineers my own cells, which usually fight infection, and teaches them to attack the tumours."

A recent gig, Fight for Faye, was held in her hometown of Sunderland, which Faye was unfortunately unable to attend.

She said the "fantastic" support of the community and other musicians meant a lot and that although unable to attend the concert, had "heard how much love was in the room that night and it is reciprocated tenfold."

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Faye added: "It feels fantastic to have the support of the music community. Many of them have supported me from the start of my music career and they feel like a second family.

"To be halfway after just 3 months is incredible. The outpouring of love I felt when I reached out for help was overwhelming. I am so grateful to every person who has donated and contributed so far.

"We do still have 50% of the target to raise and we have many things planned included further live music events and fundraisers."

A statement written up on the fundraiser page read: "If the full amount is not reached the funds raised will be used to partially fund the trial and Faye’s home will be sold to raise the shortfall."


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