Mum of murdered toddler receives horrific letter sent from ‘child’s killer’

The mum of a toddler who was brutally murdered has received a "sickening" letter purporting to be from the child's killer.

Santina Cawley was brutally killed in Cork, Ireland, by Karen Harrington in 2019.

The child’s father Michael Cawley returned to her apartment in the early hours of the morning on July 5 that year after a night out, and found his daughter in a critical state.

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Harrington, now 38, is serving a life sentence in Limerick Prison and is not allowed contact with the tot's mum, Bridget O’Donoghue.

However, the grieving mum now says terrible memories are coming flooding back after she received a "bizarre" and "frightening" letter, apparently from Harrington.

The haunting handwritten note is signed off from “Karen” and claims she “will not ever accept blame for something I did not do”, reports the Irish Mirror.

Sickeningly, it also claims she prays to the slain child “morn, noon and night” and signs off with “puddles of cuddles” for the mum.

The letter repeats convicted murderer Harrington’s long-standing claims that she is innocent and invites Bridget to visit her in prison.

It also bizarrely states: “I know how you feel."

Bridget, who is living with her mother in Cork, said she went to Gardai and the Irish Prison Service over the letter, which she says she was shocked to receive.

She said: “How could she get in contact with me? I showed it to the guards and they’re looking into it now.

"It’s frightening to get a letter like that and I’m sickened and shocked by it. I’m trying to move on now with my life and this is after bringing it all back for me again.”

Gardai confirmed that the matter has been reported to them.

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In the letter the writer calls themselves “Karen” and claims the Gardai investigating the murder didn’t get their facts right, and that she was suffering over Santina the same way Bridget was.

The writer added: “The constant heartache is unbearable and what Santina suffered is unimaginable girl.

“I pray to Santina morn, noon and night. I often light a candle, there are times I pray for you, your mom and children."

They added that they are "of sound mind" and offered Bridget the chance to visit.

The mother said: “It’s sickening. The things that are said in that letter are just hurting me.

"She’s saying that she’s lighting candles for my daughter. It’s disgusting. And asking me can I come down and visit her. I won’t be going anywhere near her.”

The prison would have blocked any letter from Harrington to Bridget but sources say prison bosses cannot prevent someone on the outside from writing a letter on a prisoner’s behalf.


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