'Mrs Doubtfire' driver launches tirade at biker she claims hit her car

‘Mrs Doubtfire’ in road rage meltdown: Moment elderly driver in cardigan and spectacles launches foul-mouthed tirade at biker she claims hit her car

  • EXCLUSIVE: Woman tells rider ‘shut the f*** up’ after accusing him of hitting her

A biker claims a foul-mouthed elderly woman dressed as ‘the real Mrs Doubtfire’ accused him of riding into her sports car – despite him coming nowhere near the car and capturing the entire exchange on camera.

Helmet-cam footage shows a delivery driver weaving between traffic in Elephant and Castle, South London, on October 24 when a vehicle’s door opens to block his path before he even gets to the car.

A woman wearing a patterned top and purple cardigan ‘just like Mrs Doubtfire’ begins to emerge from the driver’s seat while he is still almost a car length away and tells him: ‘You just ran into me’.

Despite the baffled rider reassuring her he didn’t collide with her, and telling her to return to her car, she continues to walk to the orange Toyota GT86’s rear to inspect it for damage.

He tells her he’s recording the disagreement on his camera, and tells her to return to her car. 

The footage begins with the rider weaving through traffic in London on a delivery run

The driver of the orange Toyota GT86 then throws open the door of her car before he has even come to a halt

She steps out of the car and accuses the rider of hitting her car – despite the fact he does not appear to make contact with the vehicle

She walks round to inspect the car despite there being no suggestion of a collision

As it emerges that no collision seems to have occured, she mutters ‘shut the f*** up’ at the delivery rider and gets back in the car

As traffic gathers around them he tells her: ‘Get back into your car, you crazy woman’. 

But before walking back she turns and replies ‘shut the f*** up’ – lapsing into foul-mouthed obscenities just like Robin Williams does in the family favourite movie.

After calling the woman a ‘f****** idiot’ he rides ahead and then stops to let other vehicles filter through the road ahead of her.

The feud ends when the angered motorcyclist rides next to her for a few metres before squeezing between lanes to continue with his work.

Speaking following the incident, the rider – who asked to remain anonymous because of his job – said: ‘I was confused. Not everyone exits their vehicle in such a fashion in the middle of the road.

‘I didn’t understand what she was doing so I was trying to be as neutral as possible at first.

‘If you’re worried about damage to your car, I dunno why you’d leave your door open.’

He added that he had been glad to have the helmet camera showing that he did not appear to make any contact with the vehicle.

He added: ‘Having a camera prevents you from being a victim of false allegations.

‘At the end I just wanted to filter through before the channel was blocked.’

Comedy favourite Mrs Doubtfire saw Robin Williams play Daniel Hillard, a voice actor whose wife divorces him because she considers him to be too immature to look after their family.

He recruits a friend to create a special effects mask and bodysuit that transform him into Euphegenia Doubtfire, a softly spoken nanny hired by his ex-wife, so he can stay close to his children.

One of the film’s funniest scenes see Williams, as Doubtfire, letting loose against a man who attempts to mug him of his handbag thinking he’s a harmless old woman.

He yells back: ‘Back off, asshole!’ before trotting off in his heels, muttering: ‘Broke my bag, the b******’.

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