Mountain of 80 tyres dumped on elderly couple’s drive leaving them ‘astonished’

A pensioner couple have been left “angry and astonished” after fly-tippers dumped more than 80 tyres on their driveway.

And shockingly, their local council is refusing to pay for them to be removed.

The bizarre tyre mound can be found outside the Kent home of Hugh Cunningham and wife Diane.

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They returned home from a trip out on Saturday to find the pile, and are now facing an eye-watering bill to have them removed.

Due to it being on private land, Canterbury City Council has said that it refuses to remove the heap.

But Mr Cunningham, 81, said: “At first I thought there were about 20, however we soon saw there were many more.

“I haven't counted them all exactly, but I think there could be about 80. I was angry and astonished when I saw it.

“I was upset – I just thought 'how can someone do that?'

“How degrading of the environment.

“It's a blemish on the land – I hope they never do this again and don't do this to anybody else.”

The tyres, which were dumped between 7pm and midnight, lie in front of the Cunninghams' rear drive, with the pair adding it has created “a huge inconvenience”.

Mrs Cunningham, 76, who has lived in the village for 42 years, said: “It's upsetting, very annoying, a real hassle and will be very expensive to move.”

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“It's all different kinds, we see refrigerators, building supplies, and also just people with Costa cups and bags who obviously just chuck them out the window.”

The couple have been told teams from the city council are due to come and assess the situation today.

Local authority spokesman Rob Davies said: “We are aware of this incident and our enforcement officers will be visiting the site to investigate, including checking for any local CCTV and speaking to residents about any information they may have.

“As this is private land, it is for the owner to clear what has been dumped.

“We will actively pursue any evidence we find and prosecute if we possibly can, and in one recent successful court case, we were able to secure £500 in compensation for a landowner who was the victim of a fly-tipping incident.”

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