Monster rats ‘scratching through walls’ and running riot on infested UK estate

A terrified mum thought that her home had been ransacked by burglars – but the horrendous mess in her kitchen had in fact been made by giant rats who are taking over her estate.

Colette Frederickson is just one resident of Page Moss, on Merseyside, who has been affected by the years-long plague of monster rodents.

Locals say they have been making regular complaints to their local council about infestations in their homes and rats wandering the streets in “broad daylight".

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Some parents even say they are scared to let their children go outside because of "rats the size of cats" scurrying around in their gardens.

Colette told the Liverpool Echo: "They've been in my cupboards, my window ledge, on my work top, they moved the biscuit barrel and got the sweets out the sweet jar.

"I've got OCD, my house is always clean. There was rat droppings in the living room, the smell of rat wee. It even chewed through my boyfriend's jacket for a sweet, it had a right field day.

"I struggle with money, as we all are, I paid for pest control and luckily he came out the next day and said I had a problem and put bait down. He had to come back out and put stronger stuff down.

"My son heard scratching in the walls, that was well before Christmas, and after that there was no more scratching and the bait had gone so we assumed it died."

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After paying for a visit from pest controllers, Colette said she now has a "dead rat" somewhere in her home, which cannot be found, and is making her house "stink". She added: "The smell is that bad it's not good for the health.

"We even slept with the windows open and I'm getting paranoid feeling flu symptoms, when is it going to end? It's out of control. They make my skin crawl.

"Now there's a dead rat that we don't know where it is and there's bluebottles in the house which is getting me all worked up. It's causing so much stress and the council don't see this.

"The smell is that bad I thought my son was dead and I had to go make sure he was alive. It's doing things to my mental health."

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Colette also fears being outside in her own garden because she's scared of the rats.

She said: "We wear masks in the house because this rat is missing and there's nothing we can do, we don't know where it is. It's horrendous. I'm even dreaming they are biting my legs."

A Knowsley Council spokesperson said: "We work with partners, residents, businesses, and landlords to tackle any incident of rat infestations in the Borough.

"This includes sewer baiting, pest control, identifying issues that may be contributing to the problems and offering advice about prevention.


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