Moment Ukraine troops ‘burn down’ Russian Terminator tank with kamikaze attack

Russian BMPT ‘Terminator’ hit with FPV Drones

Intense video footage appears to show the moment a so-called Russian Terminator tank was destroyed by Ukraine’s special forces.

“Military counter-intelligence officers of the SBU arranged a doomsday for the Russian ‘Terminator-2′ BMPT,” Ukraine’s SBU posted on Telegram along with a video of the action.

The Security Service added that a Russian T-80 tank attempted to tow the vehicle away but was also destroyed by special forces.

The BMPT, dubbed the Terminator by its Russian manufacturers, is armed with four missile launchers, two autocannons and two grenade launchers. It supports tanks and other armour during combat operations.

The video – shot from multiple angles including from what appears to be a first-person kamikaze drone – shows the vehicle get hit multiple times before Russian troops abandon the BMPT and flee on foot.

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The date and location of the video were not given but the website Oryx which uses open-source data to determine losses on both sides listed the Terminator as destroyed by Saturday.

The deadly armoured fighting vehicles are meant to be used in urban combat where they can use powerful weaponry to protect infantry.

It’s unclear how many of the vehicles Moscow is fielding but they are thought to be relatively rare compared to other types of Russian armor.

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The release of the video comes amid fierce fighting on the frontlines with reports of Ukrainian gains on the southern front.

In western Donetsk Oblast, Kyiv’s forces had taken the key village of Urozhaine moving one step closer to Mariupol on the Black Sea, much to the dismay of Russian military bloggers.

The news comes as Ukraine attempted to strike the strategically important Kerch Bridge yesterday. Russian officials claimed to have intercepted the modified S-200 missiles fired at the bridge.

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