Moment restaurant explodes in Tokyo as ‘owner flicks lighter after smelling gas’

A gas explosion rocks the Shinbashi district of Tokyo

A huge explosion at a commercial building has shattered windows and spewed smoke into the air of Tokyo, Japan leaving multiple people injured.

Tokyo Fire Department said the explosion took place at an eatery on the second floor of an eight-story building in the capital’s Shimbashi commercial district.

Four people have been injured by the blast which was caught on dashcam.

Reports suggest that the owner of the eatery, who was injured, told police that he ‘noticed a smell of gas or sewage’ in the smoking room before he flicked his lighter.

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Fire department officials said the four injured were all conscious but further details were unknown. Two of those injured were inside while the others were pedestrians outside, who were hit by flying shards of glass.

NHK national television said three of them were seriously injured.

Dashcam footage from the high street shows an unsuspecting man holding what appears to be a walking stick.

The sudden blast blows off his hat as he ducks to the side of the pavement.

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An owner of the eatery, who was among the injured, told police that he noticed a smell of gas or sewage when he entered a smoking room, and the explosion occurred when he flicked his lighter, NHK said.

No other information was yet available.

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