Moment Iranian drone explodes into huge orange fireball in Ukraine

At least two people have been killed and 19 more injured, including a five-year-old child, following a Russian strike on the Ukrainian city of Sumy. Footage has shown the moment one of four Iranian Shahed-136 “kamikaze” drones destroyed an apartment building during the attack, leaving a gaping hole in the top of the building.

Emergency services rushed to evacuate the area and transport the injured to hospital. Two civilians remain in intensive care and temporary accommodation has been erected for the dozens of families whose homes were destroyed in the attack.

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In the footage, a civilian captures the moment the Iranian-supplied drone strikes an apartment block in Sumy, the administrative centre of the northeast Ukrainian region just 31 miles from the Russian border.

A huge plume of smoke erupts from the affected site as the person behind the camera begins shouting.

It was one of four drone strikes that hit the city from 10.49am local time on Monday (July 3).

Firefighters rushed to the scene to extinguish the resulting fires as hundreds of civilians were evacuated from the scene.

The latest update from the Sumy Regional Military Administration (SRMA) said at least two people had been killed and 19 injured. A further two persons are still in critical condition.

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An SRMA statement posted to Telegram at 6pm local time read: “As a result of the Shahed attack in the city of Sumy, 2 people died and 19 were injured. Four victims remain in health care institutions, two of them are in intensive care, two are in moderate severity.

“15 victims were provided with medical assistance and were sent home, among the victims was 1 child aged 5.

“The affected population was provided with temporary accommodation. The issue of their placement is being resolved. Medical and psychological assistance is provided.”

The regional centre of Sumy is home to roughly 250,000 residents and is a regular target of Russian strikes, owing to its shared border.

Meanwhile , prize-winning Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina was named as among those killed by a deadly Russian missile attack on a popular restaurant frequented by journalists and aid workers in eastern Ukraine.

Ms Amelina, 37, who had turned her attention from literature to document Russian war crimes after the invasion, died from her injuries after the strike in the city of Kramatorsk on June 27, PEN American, a literature and human rights organisation, said on Sunday.

At least 11 others were killed and 61 were wounded in the attack which occurred around dinnertime, when the restaurant was usually busy.

Ukrainian authorities arrested a man a day later, accusing him of helping Russia direct the strike. The attack and others across Ukraine that evening suggested that the Kremlin is not easing its aerial onslaught over Ukraine, despite political and military turmoil at home after a short-lived armed uprising in Russia last week.

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