Moment British tourist is beaten with a GOLF CLUB in Magaluf

Moment British tourist is beaten with a GOLF CLUB in brawl and left unconscious on street in Magaluf as five men are arrested

  • Footage has emerged of altercation involving Brit and two other men in Magaluf
  • Video then shows further two men run towards him, one wielding a golf club 
  • British man flees, but is quickly caught by the group and hauled to the floor
  • One man strikes him with the golf club, while others stamp as he covers his head
  • Victim was left motionless on the floor and suffered serious facial injuries 

This is the moment a British tourist is beaten with a golf club and left unconscious on a street in Magaluf – as police arrest five men. 

Footage has emerged of an altercation involving a Brit, wearing a white t-shirt and black shorts, with two other men while holding what appears to be a stick-like object in a quiet street on the Spanish island of Majorca.

The weapon is snatched from the man during the altercation, though, before a further two men run towards him – one of whom is wielding a golf club.

The tourist begins to flee, but is quickly caught and hauled to the floor.

Five men then surround him, with three people seen stamping as he tries to protect himself.

One of the men also swings the golf club towards the victim, who was left lying unconscious on the pavement.

Locals stepped in to move the group away from the motionless man, who is understood to have suffered serious facial injuries.

The tourist was seen holding a stick-like object in the footage, before he was beaten and left unconscious by five men

The British tourist is seen in an altercation with two men at the beginning of the footage, before a further two men run at him

The victim was left unconscious on the pavement following the fight, as locals ushered the group of men away

Spanish police have arrested made five arrests in connection with the incident.

Authorities have arrested two Pakistani men, two Romanians and a Bulgarian individual.

The attack came days after a British tourist was arrested for allegedly assaulting a taxi driver in Magaluf.

Gabriel Callero, 57, was viciously assaulted by two British holidaymakers after an ‘intoxicated’ tourist climbed onto the hood of his taxi in the early hours.

Mr Callero then got out of the vehicle to chastise the tourists, but was pulled to the ground and attacked with punches and kicks.

The father-of-four taxi driver is married to a British woman from Coventry and moved to Spain from Argentina more than two decades ago.

A British father-of-two also died last month after he was allegedly attacked by a group of bouncers on the Magaluf strip before being ‘knelt on by police officers as he begged for his life’.

Tobias White-Sansom, 35, from Nottingham, succumbed to his injuries after spending five days in hospital following the incident on the notorious Magaluf strip in Majorca.

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