Miniature art exhibition making its US debut in New York

Look closely! Miniature art exhibition, with pieces as small as a person’s finger is making its US debut in New York – tiny trove of art features exclusive works by 32 international artists

  • The ‘Small is Beautiful Exhibition’ is coming to New York City February 21
  • A curator said exhibition mixes ‘reality and dream and absurdity of the world ‘
  • The traveling art show that started online has already toured Paris and London 

A new immersive art exhibition that features more than 180 miniature works – and 32 featured artists – is making its debut in New York City, with some pieces as small as a person’s finger. 

The ‘Small is Beautiful, Minature Exhibition’ is a traveling art show that has already toured Paris and London. Now, for the first time the tiny troves of art are coming to the US, starting February 21 at a space at 718 Broadway in Manhattan.  

The exhibition highlights contemporary works, pop culture, historic museum replicas and original works of art. 

Various mediums – paint, paper, wood, clay – are on display. One of the highlights is an origami statue made completely from tiny folds of paper, as well as a Greek statue and the cult classic album cover of the iconic ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ 

One of the curators described the exhibition as a mix between ‘reality and dream and the absurdity of the world’. While some art lovers who have already seen the exhibit have praised its ‘artistry, imagination and patience.’ 

The exhibition highlights art from contemporary works, pop culture, historic museum replicas and original works of art set to debut in New York City on February 21

An assortment of tiny tropical fruits- mangos, lemons and papaya shown in a bowl and gift box 

The legendary actor Al Pacino is seen in miniature as designer places final touches on his face 

A tiny painting of a chair shown in a room shows bold vibrant colors 

A beautiful Greek statue is on display as one of the astounding miniature works of art featured at the ‘Small is Beautiful, Miniature Exhibition’

‘Small is beautiful, Miniature Art’ is the first international exhibition to compile the work of 32 international miniature artists and present their work to the general public. The total collection features 130 miniatures and 80 photographic pieces. 

The show will feature 32 talented artists that hail from the UK, France, Belgium, Sweden, Bosnia, Germany and the UK. 

The #MiniatureArt exhibition started as a phenomenon online, ‘offering exclusive access to the ‘magical and sometimes unusual worlds of some of the greatest artists in the movement,’ according to the website.

‘Small is beautiful, Miniature Art’ is an incredible journey and a unique experience that offers behind-the-scenes access to small-scale universes full of artistry and poetry, whose only limit is the creative vision of their authors,’ the site reads.

The family friendly show will also host creative miniature art workshops for children ages five to eight and nine to 12, offered in partnership with Private Picassos – a virtual and in-person art studio that creates art experiences for kids and adults throughout the world.

Some of the art pieces are as small as a person’s finger- this work replicates the classic cult album cover of the iconic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

The inside of a person’s home is ripe with detail on the bookcase and ‘stone’ fireplace

A variety of realistic miniature pizzas with various toppings are the size of a fingernail 

A tiny tennis match takes place on the surface of a Watermelon 

In the miniature world a shoelace can be mistaken for a sea creature 

This miniature mouse can search the worldwide web 

These workshops are available for groups of up to 12 children and reservations are encouraged.   

The exhibition is 85-minutes long and will be open Tuesday through Thursday 10am to 7pm; Friday and Saturday 10am to 8 pm and Sunday 10am to 7 pm. 

Visitors can purchase tickets online which is recommended and guarantees entry into the show. Same day tickets may be purchased on-line, depending on availability.  

A scene of penguins gathering on an iceberg the size of a sugar cube

The sign of a motel with black plastic garbage bag sitting near sign post 

A street scene that is shown in small scale shows a single sneaker sitting in a giant puddle with some books near some debris

A Japanese bento box that shows teeny men dressed in athletic wear running over the raw fish

A black-and-white drawing of a man taking a photo underneath two umbrellas

A shop covered in graffiti that has the words – Sushi Noodle Guy – that sit below a dilapidated building 

A cat trying to take a bite out of street sign outside a red brick building 

Here artists have created a mini charcuterie platter 

A mini- Renaissance portrait with people dressed in work clothes going about their day 

Plastic cartoon figure pictured with alligators hanging upside down in wooded area 

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