Millionaire mum who wants 105 kids left to look after 22 tots alone after arrest

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A millionaire mum who has 22 surrogate toddlers as she dreams of building a family with 105 children – has been left to raise them alone after her husband was nicked in a special forces op.

Kristina Ozturk says she now faces a 'lonely' and uncertain future following the arrest of her businessman husband on charges relating to money laundering.

Kristona, a former stripper, has an astonishing 22 biological children with fugitive Galip Ozturk who owns intercity bus company Metro Turizm.

He fled from Turkey to Georgia in 2018 after an appeals court approved his life sentence related to a murder back in 1996. He was charged with ordering the murder of a man named Kuvvet Köseoğlu.

After fleeing to Georgia he met his now wife Kristina and the couple have started to grow a huge family together.

It was then that the couple revealed how they intended to have a staggering 105 surrogate children together.

But their future looks much more uncertain now – after the Turkish businessman was arrested by Georgian authorities on May 31 in Batumi, the second largest city in Georgia.

The Mtavari TV channel showed footage of special forces raiding a hotel that Ozturk owns in the seaside trade hub bordering Turkey.

The 57-year-old was detained on charges related to money laundering and falsifying documents, Finance Ministry spokeswoman Nato Natroshvili said in a press release.

Kristina, 24, regularly posts pictures of the couple and their children on Instagram.

Kristina took to Instagram to post how difficult she was finding following her husband's arrest.

She posted: "The feeling of loneliness does not leave me even with such a large number of close people around.

"I'm used to my husband always being at home, always around. Since Galip has been working exclusively from home for the last few years, we spent time together constantly during the day. At night, when the children were put to bed, we chatted incessantly.

"If I went to Tbilisi or Istanbul, we chatted on the phone for hours, all night long.

"Now it's more difficult than ever for me, I can't stand silence, I can't stand his absence, I can't sleep and wake up alone, I can't see his empty workplace… I can't see his smile, I can't hear his voice, I can't feel his embrace."

The couple revealed revealed in 2021 how they spent £138,000 on surrogacy in order to have 20 babies together in just one year.

Since then two more members of the family have been added to the brood.

The couple splash out £67,700 a year on 16 nannies who care for their babies 24/7.

Kristina spends £4,000 a week on essentials for the babies including 20 large bags of nappies and 53 packs of baby formula.

Originally from Russia, Kristina met Galip on her first trip abroad to Georgia.

She already had a daughter, Victoria, six, and welcomed her first son, Mustafa, via a surrogate in March 2020.

Kristina and her husband had revealed how they had both dreamed of having a large family, but that it had changed their lives significantly.

She had told Fabulous : "I’m not sure if we will be the biggest family in the world, but we are planning to be the happiest family in the world for sure.

"I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do. The only difference is the amount of kids.

"Each day is different, from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family. I can tell you one thing – my days are never boring."

Ozturk, a staunch defender of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, fled to Georgia after an appeals court approved his life sentence related to a 1996 murder.

Ozturk built his Metro Holding from scratch, starting as a tea server at a coach station.

In a 2016 interview with Bloomberg, he voiced disdain against established Turkish companies, calling them “white Turks” whose only skill was transferring cash abroad. He praised Erdogan as “the greatest leader in the 1,000-year history of the Ottomans.”

As Metro’s honorary chairman, Ozturk has no executive position, according to a statement from the company. He owns a 0.07% stake, it said.

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