Mia Khalifa shows how she will always obey her boyfriend in viral Tiktok

Former Pornhub legend Mia Khalifa has revealed that she will obey her boyfriend's demands in a viral TikTok that left her fans howling.

The 29-year-old Onlyfans star shared a video of herself, lipsyncing to a sound that was a confrontation between a couple where the woman is ready to storm out of the conversation.

However, the man responds by telling her to sit back down – which is where Mia pretends she is speaking to her current flame, Jhay Cortez.

In the clip, which has more than 239,000 likes, Mia instantly sits back down, which left fans in hysterics over how she would instantly obey the orders.

One user wrote: "Yes, we have such a good gurl here…"

Another added: "Girl I’d sit right back down as well, he don’t gotta say it twice."

But her fans also gushed over their relationship as they believe the adult actress and the Puerto Rican singer are well suited to each other.

One user commented: "Y'all are too cute together. Love ya'll."

Another said: "As you should miss ma’am I am so happy for ya’ll. Ya’ll complement each other perfectly he brings out a certain happy glow for you."

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The news comes after Mia offered up a hilarious moment on Twitter when she asked a Hollywood A-lister to "call her sir".

She took to the social media app to post a photo of her fancy-looking ashtray, which she then sent off to Hollywood A-lister and writer Seth Rogen.

The former adult star featured a photo with her request for a standing ashtray and a joint, asking Rogen, a notorious advocate for the use of marijuana, to call her "sir".

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Mia, who recently shocked fans with a surprise trip to London, said that she deserves to be called "sir" by the Pineapple Express and Superbad star.

Her request was granted, with comic Rogen, 40, replying to Khalifa's now-viral tweet and giving the media personality some admiration.

Mia's request for the MTV Movie Award-winning performer to call her "sir" racked up over 12,000 likes and hundreds of retweets after tagging Rogen in the tweet that showed off her fancy ashtray.

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