Mia Khalifa reveals her 'guilty pleasure' that could land her in prison in the UK | The Sun

MIA Khalifa has revealed her guilty pleasure which could land her in prison in the UK.

The ex-Pornhub star has been touring Europe over the last few weeks.

The former adult actress visited Paris, France and Milan, Italy for both cities' fashion weeks before making her way to the UK.

During her trip, Mia gave a number of interviews and even shared some cheekier responses on social media.

The OnlyFans model took to TikTok to respond to a question asking what she considered her guilty pleasure.

However, her response could see her in hot water this side of the pond.


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Mia revealed that she has a great love for cannabis, saying: "Weed. I don't feel too guilty about it though."

Smoking cannabis in the UK could see you slapped with an unlimited fine and a prison sentence.

The Class B drug is illegal and if you're caught in possession of it you can face up to five years in jail.

However, if you're found to be producing or supplying it, you could land up to 14 years behind bars.

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Nonetheless, Mia has made no secret of her taste for weed in the past.

Just last month, she took to Instagram while on a trip to Los Angeles, California and showed off a practical piece of marijuana-related jewellery.

The piece was an unusual ring, designed both as a fashion item and to hold joints.

The star's home state of Maryland has decriminalised cannabisand is set to make possession of under 1.5oz of it completely legal in July.

This is part of a growing movement in the states to end the legal and social stigma around the drug, with 21 of the 50 states already legalising recreational and medicinal use.

Meanwhile, Mia also made a subtle reference to magic mushrooms during her Paris trip after a fashion show with luxury brand Acne.

She said: "Thank you for transporting us to this magical enchanted forest, I’m obsessed with the tattered, mossy, whimsical things we get to wear this fall, every one of the pieces in the collection made me want to do mushrooms with a fairy."

Her whirlwind travels across Europe even brought her to the UK, with residents of a seaside town in Kent left delighted when she paid the seafront a visit.

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Mia's social media feed went Brit-mad as she posted snaps of her with a full English, riding an open-topped tourist bus and even in a West Ham shirt on a previous trip.

She couldn't resist some good-natured teasing about the weather but seemed to be loving her time on this side of the Atlantic.

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