Met Office verdict on snow hitting UK as Arctic plume to see temperatures drop

The Met Office have given their verdict on the chance of snow in the coming weeks, with their long-range forecast suggesting “unsettled conditions”.

Weather maps show temperatures are set to drastically drop in November, with lows of 5C expected in some parts of the UK.

The Met Office long range weather forecast says: “Unsettled conditions likely to dominate with further rain and showers for all regions. The heaviest and most frequent spells of wet weather are most likely in northern and western parts of the UK.

“Drier spells of weather do remain possible, these most likely to occur in the south. Here, some overnight patchy frost and fog is possible at times but, overall, the chance of widespread fog and frost is lower than normal. Temperatures generally on the mild side for the time of year.”

Despite there being no mention of snow, the Met Office warned more rain was on the way, following Storm Ciaran that left parts of Britain battered.

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James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, told GB News: “Low pressure from the north next week is likely to bring some snow over high ground, and from around mid-month, there will be a greater risk of more significant dumps of snow, again across high ground, but later to lower levels.

“Events we will be looking at are a blocking area of high pressure building in Greenland, and expansion of snow across the Arctic regions and Europe.

“While this so called ‘Snow Advance Index’ is currently near to below-average, it can often change drastically in November to give some strong indicators down the line.

“In addition, as temperatures drop through this month, we are expecting the risk of widespread frosts becoming commonplace.

“This will become more likely from around mid-month, or possibly a little earlier. However, there is a chance we could see a number of wintry blasts in the run up to Christmas.”

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Forecasters expect “drier and brighter intervals at times, perhaps more especially in the northwest” but adds: “Temperatures will be around normal for the time of year, but in any drier interludes, particularly if the wind comes from a more easterly direction, temperatures could take a dip with some frost by night.

“As would often be expected in late November, some of the precipitation is likely to turn increasingly wintry, mainly on high ground in the north.”

The BBC says: “Uncertainty increases by mid-November as the models fall in reliability. The signals point to weaker low pressure affecting northwest Europe and high pressure a little more prevalent in northern Scandinavia.

“With this pattern the wetter risks are across Scotland, while other regions are more average for rainfall. Some windy days cannot be ruled out but less so than for mid-November. Temperatures are mainly near average.”

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