Meghan’s podcast branded ‘just another way to talk about herself’ by presenter

Controversial royal Meghan Markle's new podcast has gone down like a lead balloon with some critics.

She dropped the first episode of her Spotify podcast Archetypes with her close friend Serena Williams yesterday.

In March this year – and nearly two years after she signed a lucrative contract with Spotify – Meghan announced that her long-awaited podcast would be called Archetypes and feature conversations with female role models.

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And in the series' first episode, hosted by the Duchess of Sussex and titled The Misconception of Ambition with Serena Williams, she told listeners that she wanted to talk to somebody who "embodies the spirit of ambition."

And, as Serena appeared for the first time, Meghan's husband Prince Harry even made an appearance, urging Serena to "come and see us soon" in the couple's lavish LA residence.

The episode is also littered with personal Meghan stories, and more.

And this, Australian TV host Ally Langdon said, is something that gives Meghan another way to “talk about herself”.

During a scathing outburst on The Today Show, Langdon said: “I really try to like Meghan Markle, “I think some of the arguments she makes about ambition are very true, but there's just something, you know?'

And fellow host, Peter Ford, tweeted that it was “just another way she can talk about herself”.

Royal commentator Kinsey Schofield is expecting a lot more controversy to come from the podcast series.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, the host of the To Di For podcast claimed that the podcast will be the way that Meghan “contradicts stories about her that she believes are untrue”.

And it started right from the first episode.

She explained: “Tom Bower shared a story in his book about how Serena Williams was not as friendly with Meghan as Meghan had made it seem.

“He also called into question her P&G story.

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“Meghan subtly puts those accusations into question by restating that story in the podcast and having Serena on as her first guest.”

Ms Schofield added that this is unlikely to be an isolated example and instead she thinks that it will be common for Meghan to use her podcast and platform to help get her point of view across.

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