Meghan’s ‘Pinocchio moment’ in secret wedding gaffe exposed by body language ace

Meghan Markle's claim that she married Prince Harry before their Windsor wedding has been heavily disputed — and a body language expert claims to have spotted the exact moment that suggests she wasn't being truthful.

The Church of England's most senior bishop confirmed he didn't sign any official documents marrying the couple before the big day on May 19, 2018, contrary to Meghan's claim of a private "backyard" union.

Representatives for the Sussexes maintain the Duchess was always referring to an informal exchange of vows, but her comment during the now-famous Oprah interview has been interpreted as a lie by some critics.

Now body language expert Bruce Durham, known as Believing Bruce, says he has found three clear signals from Meghan — and one from Harry — that expose their true feelings, the Mirror reports.

In the latest video uploaded to his popular YouTube channel, Bruce looks closely at a moment when Meghan is speaking to Oprah while sat in a chicken pen with Harry.

He suggests that Meghan is "looking uncomfortable" because she clearly touches her nose before going to speak in what he describes as a "Pinocchio moment".

Bruce explains that people reach a T-junction when a question enters their head so the two seconds before they answer are important to dissect.

"You'll see she touches her nose, there's almost an inhalation of breath so that's the discomfort I'm getting already for something," says Bruce.

Meghan then speaks about their supposed private marriage ceremony and Bruce points out she is "very theatrical" with her hand gestures.

"Biology doesn't lie," he says.

"Oh Meghan this is quite an interesting evocative, maybe slightly inauthentic truth. "

The body language expert then spots Meghan making a number of 'eye blocks', adding: "Meghan is trying to disassociate herself from maybe – we have to be fair and balanced – the lie she is saying."

During the interview the camera then pans out to a wider shot of the couple sat across from each other with Oprah in the middle. Bruce notes that Meghan starts waving her hand, comparing the movement to some sort of conductor.

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"In this particular phase as soon as she mentions the wedding she does this thing with her hand. It's like she's trying to be the orchestrator," he claims.

The body language expert suggests it's as if Meghan is trying to remind Harry about the time they got married.

"Doing this with her hand is really a peculiar thing. I remember when I got married, I don't need a nudge to remember," he says.

'There's this energetic gesture as if it's a trigger or cue to say, 'go along with it'."

It's not just Meghan's body language that comes under scrutiny from Bruce, who claims Harry's is also impactful.

He claims Harry "disengages" and is "gone to play with the chicken" as soon as Oprah turns around to look at him after Meghan speaks about the wedding.

"The moment Harry feels Oprah starting to look at him he disengages, he breaks eye contact. That is the cue here," claims Bruce.

"He doesn't want to be part of the conversation, he feels that uncomfortable. Something went on in Harry's head there that makes him feel uncomfortable enough to look away."

Admitting he can't conclusively say anything, Bruce says there is some truth in what the Archbishop of Canterbury is saying.

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  • "There's some type of either miscommunication, untruth or theres a blatant lie. But what is obvious by all of these signs is was Meghan telling the full, actual truth, possibly not."

    Meghan claimed she and Harry had a secret marriage ceremony with the Archbishop in their "backyard".

    The Duchess said nobody knew that the couple shared personal vows for "just the two of us" ahead of their eagerly anticipated wedding day in Windsor on May 19 2018.

    This week the Most Reverend Justin Welby confirmed they definitely did not marry before the big day at Windsor.

    "The legal wedding was on the Saturday," he said.

    "I signed the wedding certificate, which is a legal document, and I would have committed a serious criminal offence if I signed it knowing it was false."

    The former official who issued the licence for the Sussexes' wedding had earlier said Meghan "is obviously confused and clearly misinformed".

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