Meghan Markle’s hidden message at Spotify HQ spotted by eagle-eyed royal fans

Meghan Markle left a hidden message in plain sight for her eagle-eyed fans following a surprise appearance at Spotify HQ.

The Duchess of Sussex headed up to the [email protected] event to voice her support for protests in Iran, and sported a t-shirt with a message written in Farsi across it.

That message has since been translated by her fans, who discovered that the shirt was another show of support for those protesting in Iran.

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Her shirt, showcasing three words written across the front in Farsi was revealed to have read "Women, Life, Freedom", which Meghan wore to the recent Spotify event.

The words of support from Meghan come as protests in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini and gender oppression within the country continue, Daily Mail reported.

Amini, 22, is said to have died in police custody after being arrested for allegedly violating a morality law that requires women to cover their hair.

The "Woman, Life, Freedom" writing that Meghan was seen wearing on a t-shirt was also promoted by an Iranian actress, who had stripped off and covered up a post with the same message.

Daily Star had reported Elnaaz Norouzi's video upload, which saw the actress strip off her hijab in unity with the ongoing protests.

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Protests come in the wake of worrying reports about the state of Iran's so-called morality police, where coppers are hired to crack down on "improper" behaviour.

Prowling through streets and busy public spaces in green and white vans, the chilling collection of squads, also known as Guidance Patrol, are said to be ruthless in pursuing Islamic morals are upheld.

This means patrol squads arresting women who violate strict and conservative dress codes with troops enlisted told to "force them inside the van."

One insider claimed that the squadrons were made up of "ordinary soldiers going through our mandatory military service."

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