Meghan could ‘rebuild relationship with royals’ after winning privacy appeal

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There could be a chance for the Sussexes to rebuild their relationship with the Royal Family following on from Meghan's court battle success, according to a royal expert.

The Duchess of Sussex sued Associated Newspapers Limited after they published articles that showcased parts of her handwritten letter sent to her father Thomas Markle in August 2018.

Despite a tiresome two-year-long court battle, the mum-of-two won her appeal and could potentially see a positive shift in her relationship with her inlaws, said Kinsey Schofield.

Kinsey told Daily Star: "I am certain that Prince William and Prince Charles champion Harry and Meghan when it comes to fighting for their privacy or what Meghan refers to as 'right vs. wrong.'

"People forget that Kate Middleton was photographed topless and William and Catherine went after Closer Magazine over that, the suits for the phone hacking, now we hear that Prince Charles might want to go head-to-head with the author or Brothers and Wives, Christopher Andersen."

Meghan decided to take the publisher to court following The Mail on Sunday featuring her "personal and private letter" which they published a year after she wrote it.

It has been reported the judge ruled that extracts from the letter were "manifestly excessive and… unlawful".

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Speaking about the Sussexes, Kinsey added: "Harry and Meghan are not exactly pioneers when it comes to taking the media to court, in fact, some of the few people on the planet that can relate to this violation is Prince Harry’s family who has dealt with it for decades.

"So much worse than the relatives before them. Can you imagine someone hacking Edward and Wallis’ calls?

"Perhaps it might bring them closer since they understand how truly horrific it feels to have private moments exposed for public consumption?

"Or perhaps things will stay the same because Harry’s family felt that same violation when their issues were exposed to the world via an Oprah Winfrey interview."

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Kinsey was referring to the abdication of King Edward VIII, whose abdication in 1936 to marry socialite Wallis Simpson rocked the monarchy.

The founder of To Di For Daily said the firm is known to be "forgiving and accepting" as she referenced their relationship with royal ex's.

She added: "How many ex-wives continue to live under their former mother-in-law’s nose, à la Fergie?"

The expert went on to say there is "hope" for a reunion between the Sussexes and the Royal Family following Meghan's success against the publisher.

"If Meghan continues to have this positive traction in the media and the Sussexes cease from discussing the monarchy then there is certainly hope for an inevitable reunion with the family," she said.

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"We know that Prince Charles is dying to see Archie again and very eager to meet Lili.

"Prince William and Prince Harry will love each other forever, no matter what drama unfolds.

"A win for Meghan is a win for the monarchy because at the end of the day, no one else can relate to the violation of privacy the way that her in-laws can."

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