Meghan and Harry ‘won’t be back’ in royal fold after Queen’s funeral says expert

A royal expert has claimed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not be welcomed back into the royal fold after the Queen's funeral and official mourning period has taken place.

Since news broke that Her Majesty had died on Thursday (September 8), many had thought it would bring the estranged couple back into the family as a sign of respect for the-late monarch.

But apart from Prince Harry, Meghan, and Prince William and Kate Middleton appearing alongside each other for a special walkabout outside Windsor Castle over the weekend (September 10), the former actress and her husband have apparently been acting in "a less-than-respectful manner".

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It has been reported that the pair declined a visit to see the Queen just days before her death, and that it took a full 45 minutes of negotiations to make the meet-and-greet with the masses of mourners to take place.

It was also claimed that Meghan had postponed any more episodes of her controversial podcast from being released on Spotify out of respect.

And royal expert Kinsey Schofield has lambasted the pair for all of this.

The host of the To Di For Podcast exclusively told the Daily Star: “No (they will not be welcomed back) – royal watchers will have a hard time forgiving the Sussexes for their appalling behaviour.

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“It was reported that days before her death, the Sussexes were invited to visit the Queen and they rejected the offer.

“It’s being reported that the Sussexes engaged in a 45-minute negotiation around appearing with the Prince and Princess of Wales.

“What a joke after the way Meghan treated Princess Catherine in that Oprah interview.

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“And Meghan’s announcement about postponing her podcast seems more like an opportunity for her team to scrub anything negative she has said about the Royal Family within future podcast episodes to avoid bad personal PR."

The Daily Star has reached out to Harry and Meghan's team for a comment.

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