Man who abandoned blind date in restaurant sued

A man who walked out on a blind date leaving her to pay his share of the bill and her 23 relatives’ has been taken to court. The man from China, identified by local media as Mr Liu, reportedly found his potential soul mate, a Ms Zhang, via a matchmaker.

The two arranged to meet at a popular restaurant in Jilin province, northeastern China, but to his surprise, his date arrived at the restaurant with 23 relatives.

When Mr Liu was handed the bill at the end of the meal, he received quite a shock as the family had racked up a huge bill, totalling about £2,230 (20,000 yuan).

In a panic, he decided to leave the eatery, which forced his date to settle the bill.

She paid, but demanded he pay half. Mr Liu agreed to pay some, but not all of it, offering about £445 (4,000 yuan) with Ms Zhang’s relatives paying the rest.

Angered by Mr Liu’s offer, the family decided to take him to court, issuing a lawsuit in a bid to make him to pay more.

But the court ruled in his favour, stating he should only cover the cost of his own and Ms Zhang’s meal, which was about £156 (1,400 yuan).

The whole saga sparked a debate in China over the boundaries of social etiquette during blind dates with most people appearing to side with Mr Liu.

Legal experts argued bringing 23 relatives to what was supposed to be a blind date between two people went beyond the generally accepted norms.

Others said the others should bear responsibility for what they ate and drank during the meal and should pay for themselves.

It is not known whether the pair arranged a second date, but most think they probably didn’t.

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