Man smashes bottle over NYPD cop’s head in ‘unprovoked attack’

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An NYPD cop on patrol in Brooklyn had his head split open when a tie-dye wearing thug — who’s done time for assaulting officers in the past — smashed a bottle over his head, according to new video.

The sickening display of police hatred was captured on the officer’s body camera just after 4:45 a.m. Sunday morning as the cop smoked a cigarette next to his patrol car at East 51st Street and Church Avenue in East Flatbush.

The video, which does not have audio, shows the suspect, identified by police sources as Tyshaun Holloway, 27, walk up to the cop and the two exchanging words.

Holloway, from Hackensack, NJ and wearing a tie-dyed T-shirt, makes a comment to the cop — then suddenly winds up and cracks the officer on the head with a glass bottle, the video shows.

The video ends with the injured officer’s partner chasing Holloway down the block.

The cop was taken to Kings County Hospital where he was treated for a cut to the left side of his head, requiring four stitches, according to police.

It was unclear what words were exchanged.

Holloway is charged with assaulting a police officer, menacing, resisting arrest, obstruction of governmental administration, assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

He resisted arrest by “flailing and swinging,” a police spokesman said.

The NYPD released the video on Monday, calling the incident an “unprovoked attack.”

“Early yesterday morning, cops from the @NYPD67Pct were on a fixed post to address community concerns when they were suddenly assaulted with a glass bottle in an unprovoked attack,” the NYPD tweeted.

“The suspect, who has been arrested for assaulting officers twice in the past, was quickly caught.”

Holloway was arrested in September 2016 for allegedly attacking two cops in the Bronx in two separate incidents.

He had just gotten off of supervised release on Feb. 28 after serving two years in prison for the assaults, according to state prison records.

Holloway was also busted in a pair of robberies and making terroristic threats in Harlem back in 2017.

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