Man horrified to discover giant earthworm trying to slither into room of motel

A ginormous earthworm has been spotted trying to slither its way into a motel room to escape the rain.

Heavy rainfall has battered the Australian states of Queensland and New Zealand in recent days, leading to flash floods and mass home evacuations.

It has also seen some of the country’s most creepy wildlife come out in their droves.

Footage taken by Darren Jack from the Tall Trees Motel in Tamborine shows a monster earthworm attempting to break into a motel room.

“I’m just coming to check the state of the rooms and I find in the door there is a massive earthworm trying to take shelter inside the room,” he said.

“This thing is huge – check out how big it is.”

Darren then puts his hand next to the creepy crawly to show just how big the creature is.

“It’s trying to come out of all the rain,” he continued as he lifted up the earthworm and popped it further away. “It’s massive.”

The average size of an earthworm is 14inches but, judging by the comparison with Darren’s hand, the creature caught on camera was at least twice that length.

And viewers were unsurprisingly gobsmacked at the discovery.

“Wow, never seen one that big, that’s so cool,” one viewer wrote.

Another commented: “Nope, this is just wrong.”

A third added: “I had no idea they got that big.”

While a fourth said: “We’ve had some massive worms in my backyard lately too. Seems like they’re all trying to seek dry grounds the poor things.”

As well as monster earthworms, an urgent warning has been issued in New South Wales after a “plague” of poisonous spiders were displaced by heavy floods.

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