Man had to get 2cm nut drilled off penis after ‘pleasure ring’ mishap

A man had to get a 2cm-thick steel nut drilled off his manhood after the makeshift ring "strangled" his penis.

The unnamed Vietnamese man, aged 24, put the hexagonal nut around his shaft while pleasuring himself in a bid to enhance his experience.

He was rushed to Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City after his penis went numb due to the ring becoming trapped for 10 hours.

Doctors said his penis was so swollen that they were unable to get the ring off by hand and the only suitable option in his case was a dental drill to cut it off.

Medics, who detailed the incident in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, said the patient had struggled to urinate due to the tightness of the nut.

His foreskin, which he pulled back during masturbation, had become so swollen that it was unable to be returned to its normal position.

The man's foreskin, which was pulled back during masturbation, had become so swollen that it could not return to its normal position and was 'strangling' his penile tip.

Medics said the 24-year-old had to be hooked up to an intravenous drip and needed antibiotics and sedatives.

Eventually, they managed to remove the penis ring during a gruelling 45-minute procedure, reports Daily Mail.

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Medics had to take a number of precautions such as cooling it off with water and placing a thin piece of plastic between the equipment and its member to stop it from being injured.

Doctors confirmed that his penis had returned to normal after one month and he was able to go to the toilet and become erect.

They highlighted that using a dental drill is a "rare" method for removing penis strangulation device but they said it was an "excellent option" as it cuts "very smoothly in a short duration without significant physical exertion."

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