Major League Baseball bends to bullies, endorses lies about Georgia voting law

It’s beyond ridiculous that Major League Baseball has caved to partisan politics and media hysteria by moving this year’s All-Star Game, plus the draft, out of Atlanta over Georgia’s new election law.

Pressured by Democratic politicians and Twitter mobs, MLB is endorsing the overwrought and fundamentally false agitprop campaign.

Democrats from President Joe Biden on down denounce the law as “racist,” with Biden even calling it — falsely and insultingly — “Jim Crow.” Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp was right to shoot back by citing Biden’s “obvious” failure to read the legislation.

The law actually expands voting opportunities by requiring that counties open polls for two Saturdays of early voting.

And the “rigid restrictions” that Biden calls “designed to keep people from voting”? Photo or state-issued IDs with absentee ballots, which were already a requirement for in-person voting, and adjusted hours to secure ballot drop boxes.

The bill also narrows the window for requesting absentee ballots, which is still generous at over two months, limits ballot drop box locations to more secure sites and gives the state election board more authority to remove and appoint officials. Where’s the “Jim Crow” in any of that?

As for the ban on giving food and water to those in voting lines: It’s an anti-electioneering measure shared by many other states including New York and Biden’s own Delaware.

In short, the anti-Georgia campaign depends on ignorance of the facts and cowardice by those who know better. Notably, the CEO of Georgia-based Delta Airlines, Ed Bastian, bent to boycott threats by proclaiming the reforms “unacceptable” and “based on a lie” of a fraudulent election — even though he’d joined the negotiations to hammer out the final bill.

If the private sector doesn’t start standing up to this bullying, it’ll soon find itself with neither friends nor freedom of its own.

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