Madeleine McCann suspect ‘entered holiday apartment using special lock pick kit’

A witness claims that the prime suspect in the case of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance used a burglary tool kit to enter the apartment.

A 45-year-old German prisoner, identified as Christian B, allegedly bragged to a friend about using the tools to enter apartment 5a of the holiday complex in Praia da Luz.

Police’s original theory however claims that the kidnapper entered through the window.

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German police are said to be investigating these new accusations, along with the claims Christian B used car paint solvent to sedate the child.

The witness, identified as Helge B, who is now in witness protection, claims he met Christain B three years before Madeleine vanished.

The 52-year-old witness claims he found the break-in in kit inside the now-jailed prisoners home.

Christian B is currently serving time behind bars for drug crimes and appealing a seven-year sentence for rape.

In an interview with The Sun: “I knew from Christian that he uses tools to break into holiday resorts, hotels and holiday homes to steal from tourists.

“There were passports on the table. There was all sorts of stuff lying around cameras, suitcases, everything that tourists have with them. I also found a lock pick set.”

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Helge B, who kept the kit and told German police about it, added: “You can use it to pick any lock, including security locks.”

The 14 picks are made from black stainless steel and each tool is designed for a specific type of lock.

While police claim that the suspect entered through the window, Helge B claims Christian B entered through the door, stating “he can open any door”.

A police source said: “The German detectives were electrified by the discovery of the tool kit with the lock picks in it. This evidence is now very important to them.

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“It confirmed a suspicion that they’d had for a long time that Christian B entered the apartment through the door.”

Police believe the front door was less likely to be viewed by the passing public as it is in a ­recessed area on the opposite side of the apartment facing towards a swimming pool and restaurant.

It is understood that police have also been told Christian B had access to car paint solvent as he had been a mechanic.

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