Madeleine McCann suspect buried USB filled with child abuse images

A fruitless three-day search for evidence of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance began this week after authorities found a collection of USB sticks linked to the main suspect filled with child abuse images and buried next to a dead dog in a rubbish dump, it can be revealed. Police in Portugal ended the latest search, the third of its kind around the Arade Dam, 30 miles from where Madeleine was last seen in 2007, on Thursday but authorities gave no details concerning new discoveries. 

Back in 2020, German police announced that, four years previously, they had obtained videos and photos, thought to have been found buried in the paedophile’s “secret lair” in a dilapidated factory site in the German village of Neuwegersleben, 65 miles south-east of Hanover, some of which were of the reservoir, leading them to suspect a third search could yield clues.

This latest search, around a dam roughly 30 miles from the Praia da Luz resort, where the three-year-old girl was last seen 16 years ago, began on Tuesday following a request by German authorities.

A statement by Portugal’s Judiciary Police said some material had been collected and would be handed over to German authorities for examination.

But it is believed that no major discoveries were made over the three days regarding what happened to Madeleine, who would be 20-years-old now.

German police maintain that convicted rapist Christian Brueckner, who lived near the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz when Madeleine went missing, is responsible for her disappearance but they have not publicly provided evidence to corroborate this belief. 


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