Longmont cracker baker files lawsuit against Denver’s Meow Wolf

A Colorado company that bakes cheese crackers has filed a lawsuit against Meow Wolf, claiming the Denver psychedelic art attraction failed to follow through on a six-figure purchase order for the cheddar snacks.

Monzu LLC, headquartered in Longmont and doing business as MECO Cheesy Bits, a maker of homemade cheddar cheese crackers, filed the lawsuit through its attorney Monday in U.S. District Court in Denver.

The lawsuit claims that Meow Wolf, by virtue of a “Hellofood purchase order,” agreed to buy $127,500 worth of crackers over a one-year period, from February 2022 through January 2023.

Emails were exchanged by the parties and included language that the purchase order was a “binding contract” and that Meow Wolf would buy crackers “throughout 2022-2023,” according to the complaint.

Meow Wolf, however, only “ordered and paid less than $30,000” to Monzu for the snack product, the lawsuit said.

MECO Cheesy Bits sell online for $26 a case, which contains 12 two-ounce packages.

Meow Wolf “failed to order and pay for the agreed upon product even though they gave regular reassurances that they would do so,” the lawsuit said.

MECO had ramped up its cracker production, based in part on the Meow Wolf contract, according to the claim. The alleged breach led to a loss of profit employee layoffs.

Meow Wolf “breached the covenant of good faith and fair dealing by nonacceptance and repudiation, and by generally failing to abide by the terms which they established,” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit seeks “the difference between the market price at the time and place for tender and the unpaid contract price, together with any incidental damages,” a demand of about $100,000.

Monzu also seeks “compensatory damages in an amount to be proven at trial” for breach of contract and lost business profit.

Meow Wolf representatives declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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