London man whacked in the head with bottle in bloody tussle over dogs

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Everyone was hot under the collar.

A fight over hounds quickly devolved into a bloody dogfight between humans on London’s hottest day of the year Saturday, video shows.

An Instagram clip from user @ish_gram caught two men coming to blows after a tussle between their dogs — one big, the other much smaller — along the Thames River in Greenwich.

“I was just out with the lads enjoying the sun and playing around with my new camera when I caught this (no commentary from me),” @ish_gram posted early Sunday.

The clip opens with one woman’s large white pooch pouncing on another lady’s smaller pup. The male companion of the woman with the smaller dog approaches the other lady — only for her male buddy to step in the way.

The two men wind up face-to-face and exchanging words as tensions flare.

“The dog tried to bite me,” the woman with the smaller dog exclaims.

But someone interjects, “He tried to go to the woman.”

Moments later, a man who appears to be intoxicated punches the guy in the red polo shirt who was with the owner of the little dog. The punched man moves to defend himself, then turns his attention to his first male rival — and whacks him in the head with a glass bottle, causing blood to trick down the guy’s head.

The bloodied man proceeds to chase the guy in the polo shirt down the boardwalk.

Both men throw as many punches as they can land — while the woman with the small dog screams hysterically for the pair to stop.

London’s Metropolitan Police did not receive any complaint related to the incident — which occurred on the hottest day of the year there so far, the Daily Mail said.

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