Lebanon rocked by another huge explosion months after devastating Beirut blast

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A huge fireball was seen erupting in Lebanon amid reports of a gas explosion – just months after a giant fertiliser explosion levelled a huge area of Beirut.

Footage shared on social media on Sunday shows a huge ball of fire rising up on the Lebanon and Syrian border – with imagery and reports emerging in the evening.

Conflicting local reporters have suggested the explosion was caused by a gas tank exploding – while others have suggested a warehouse of gas station exploded.

Footage shows the night sky lit up by a giant fireball – with flames fanning out in all directions amid the sounds of deafening eruptions.

Lebanese-American reporter Firas Maksad shared footage on Twitter which showed the exact moment the explosion erupted.

He shared a short five second clip with the caption: “Big fireball as explosion rocks #Lebanon #Syria border tonight.”

He went on to claim: “[The explosion happened in] Al qasr, main smuggling area with syria.”

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He suggested:”Seems a gas tank used for storage and smuggling blew up.”

Meanwhile another Twitter user shared videos and wrote: “Initial reports suggest there have been multiple explosions in Al-Qasr near the border area with Syria.

“There are reports of casualties. Initial unconfirmed reports say it was a warehouse or a gas station.”

They later claimed: “Explosions reportedly took place at a warehouse allegedly storing gas, located near a Lebanese Army border checkpoint near al-Qasr near the Syrian border.”

In August last year, Beirut was devastated by a huge explosion caused after a stockpile of fertiliser caught fire at a giant warehouse.

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The explosion caused a mushroom cloud of dust – while buildings around the site of the explosion leveled buildings.

At least 204 were killed in the explosion, 6,500 were inured and it is believed as many as 300,000 were made homeless.

While the cost of damage and destruction to buildings in the city has been estimated at £11 billion.

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