Lawyer struck off after filming ‘Girls in Jail’ sex video in prison

A Florida lawyer has been struck off after he paid prison inmates for sex and recorded the intimate encounters for a porn video he called "Girls in Jail".

Andrew Spark put "nominal amounts" of money into the women’s commissary accounts so they could buy luxuries inside, and abused his attorney-client privilege to gain access to private jail rooms in two separate prisons "for his own prurient and/or financial interests," according to a monthly report of lawyers disciplined by the state Supreme Court published on The Florida Bar’s website.

The private interview rooms where Spark, 58, took the women were not monitored by prison staff and only had a small window on the door.

He would lean against the window to block prison guards' view while the women performed oral sex on him, according to court papers, and he filmed the "interviews" on his mobile phone.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri from Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said that Spark "duped" the system by telling prison officials jail officials he needed to bring a camera into the room so he could be "efficient in the representation" of his clients.

Suspicions about Spark were raised after he approached 25-year-old Pinellas County inmate Shauna Boselli, and offered to pay her money to have sex with him in the attorney-client meeting room.

He was arrested in 2017 after he being caught "fully exposed" with inmate Antoinette Rose Napolitano, 28, in a private room at the Pinellas County Jail, according to a sheriff’s office report.

He was charged with introduction or possession of contraband in a county detention facility and also misdemeanour charges of solicitation for prostitution and exposure of sexual organs

This arrest led to Spark being placed on five years’ probation in February 2019 – but it was only in January 2021 that he has been disbarred from practising as a lawyer.

The Florida Bar disciplinary report explains that Spark was "disbarred retroactive to July 15, 2019, when he was suspended because of a felony conviction, following a January 21 court order".

It went on: "Spark abused his privilege to practice law and used his law license to engage in deception with the intent to access private rooms provided to attorneys in two separate jail facilities for the purpose of soliciting prostitution.

"Spark video recorded these encounters with the goal of creating an adult pornographic film for his own prurient and/or financial interest.

"He pleaded guilty to three separate charges and was sentenced in each case to probation."

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