Ketchup packets being sold on eBay amid 2021 shortage

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They may come to regret these purchases in Heinz-sight.

Ketchup packets are being hawked on eBay amid a nationwide shortage of the popular condiment sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Several listings for the Heinz sauce appeared on the website since reports that restaurants are scrambling to get ahold of it, Fox News reported.

Close to 20 batches of of 50 ketchup packets recently sold for $9.99 each, according to one listing.

Another offered 100 packets for $11.99 or 250 for $17.29, with nearly 150 sold as of Wednesday.

At least two people shelled out $28.95 for an order of 500 packets, one of the listings showed.

Prices for ketchup packets have spiked 13 percent since January 2020 amid increased demand — and Heinz, the largest producer in the market, has been left playing catch-up, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

The iconic ketchup brand is urging restaurants to be patient while it works to increase its manufacturing capacity by 25 percent so it can churn out more than 12 billion “sachets” a year, the report said.

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