JK Rowling reveals activists copy fake tweets about trans children

JK Rowling hits back at pro-trans activists by revealing how they copy and paste fake stories on Twitter about trans children being upset by Harry Potter author’s gender views

  • JK Rowling has displayed some of the identical messages she has received
  • The writer, 57, is attacked online by extremist pro-trans campaigners regularly 

JK Rowling today disclosed how pro-trans activists bombard her with copy and pasted messages about imaginary children ‘upset at her views’.

The Harry Potter and Strike writer, 57, showed examples of different Twitter accounts posting identical messages to her.

All of them claim they are parents who have a trans daughter who is ‘heartbroken’ over her views on gender.

Viewed together, it is undeniable some of the messages are identical and have clearly been copied. 

Mother-of-three Ms Rowling has campaigned for women’s rights and female-only spaces amid safety fears predatory men could pose as women to use them.

But an extremist fringe of the pro trans movement have twisted this to suggest she is transphobic.

JK Rowling, 57, is attacked online by extremist pro-trans campaigners regularly over her views

These identical messages bear the exact same content and are directed at the hit author

Again this copied post shows exactly the same text accusing the writer of being transphobic

Displaying examples of the copied messages, Ms Rowling ridiculed them with her own, declaring: ‘My one-year-old son just looked up from Twitter and said “Mummy, why have you made these very real children sad with your heinous yet unevidenced bigotry?”

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‘Then he ran upstairs and burned all his Potter books. I was so damn ashamed I almost forgot the kid was imaginary.’

The last remark is in reference to a growing trend online for people to set fire to Ms Rowling’s novels on the famous boy wizard.

Messages the author collated appeared to show there are a set of two messages which get widely repeated and sent to her.

One says: ‘My trans daughter used to love your books, but after you became a bigot she cried and asked me “daddy, why do people hate those who are different from them?” I don’t know baby, I don’t know.’

The second varies the imaginary child’s age between nine and 12 when it is posted.

It says: My transgender daughter cries every time she sees one of your transphobic posts.

‘She is a huge fan of Harry Potter, but seeing the author of her favorite book series being so bigoted is heartbreaking.

‘Please, J.K, put a smile on my daughters face.’

Last week Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh spoke out in defence of Ms Rowling, saying she had been ‘demonised’ as ‘some kind of witch’ by online extremists because of her views.

 The 64-year-old Scot, whose novel was turned into a cult-classic film by Danny Boyle in 1996, said she was simply ‘trying to protect women’s spaces’.

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has said that JK Rowling has been ‘demonised’ as ‘some kind of witch’ because of her views on transgender issues. Pictured, the Harry Potter author wearing a T-shirt that labelled ex-SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon a ‘destroyer of women’s rights’

JK Rowling ridiculed the copied posts with one of her own, written in a very similar style

Speaking to The Times, the author even said he had consulted ‘trans advisers’ when writing his latest book The Long Knives, published last year.

JK Rowling has repeatedly been branded transphobic over her views surrounding the LGBT+ debate on social media. 

But Mr Welsh said he admired her integrity and believes that her feminist stance has been misrepresented as wanting to ‘destroy trans people’.

He said: ‘She’s been demonised as some kind of witch who wants to destroy trans people but she just wants women’s spaces to be protected.

‘There must be some way that we can advance trans rights without attacking women’s rights.’

He said the toxic nature of the debate had been taken over by online extremists, adding: ‘There’s such a massive difference between the majority of trans people and how they represent on social media.

‘It’s the same with feminists, anarchists, socialists, even fascists – every group has a much more extreme, narcissistic element on social media.’

Asked about the trans debate, the author said he had ‘consulted trans advisers’ for his new book as well as the TV show, adding: ‘You have to listen to people who know more than yourself. 

‘There’s too many straight white men giving their views on everything. I’m here to get educated.’

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