Jeremy Hunt has dashed tax cut hopes but must give voters reasons to have faith in a Tory-led future | The Sun

Hunt has to cut to the chase for voters

CHANCELLOR Jeremy Hunt has dashed tax cut hopes, saying a pre-election giveaway is “unlikely” because his priority is to cut rampant inflation.

There is no denying he faces a uniquely challenging set of circumstances.

But inaction seems to be the default setting for a Government gripped by torpor, hoping all the country’s problems will magically resolve themselves.

Tory MPs, fearing annihilation even in safe seats, are desperate for Mr Hunt to act.

As Sir James Duddridge argues: “If it is not working, only a fool would carry on as if expecting a different result.”

Their own polling puts the party on just 11 per cent of the vote in Nadine Dorries’ once safe seat, setting the Tories on course for a by-election “bloodbath”.

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Even ministerial aides are said to be scrambling to wriggle free of their roles so they can spend more time defending their constituency seats.

What the Tories need is action, not more wonkish dithering.

One of Britain’s richest men, Sir Jim Ratcliffe, has a plan — which he sets out in detail today.

Where is the Government’s?

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Voters need reasons to have faith in a Tory-led future.

And it is up to Mr Hunt to provide them.

Gaming the system

OUR economy is struggling with a skills shortage, and a swift injection of talent and energy is desperately needed.

So, when Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Jonathan Ashworth tells The Sun on Sunday that Labour plans to force young people off benefits and into work, it sounds like good news.

He’s right to say we need to get tough with the workshy “Xbox generation” of 16 to 24-year-olds whose only Call Of Duty is a video game.

We just hope he’s learned the lessons of the last Labour Government’s “New Deal”, which saw thousands of youngsters sign up for its expensive job subsidy scheme, only to end up back on benefits a few months later.

It’s cubbing home…

CONGRATULATIONS to England’s Under-21 footballers, champions of Europe after beating Spain 1-0 in last night’s final.

It was some feat to go through the entire tournament without conceding a goal, even if the lads shredded fans’ nerves by conceding a penalty deep into injury time.

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But after beating the spot kick jinx, dare we hope our young cubs might grow into a Three Lions team that finally brings silverware home for the senior side?

They’ve certainly got the roar talent.

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