Jealous rivals put poo in Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s lunchbox in vile prank

Jealous rivals of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson put poo in his lunch box and warned him to not leave his food in the locker room, it has been alleged.

The WWE star was apparently the victim of disgusting pranks during his early days of becoming successful.

However, despite the setbacks, the 48-year-old still managed to become one of the most famous wrestlers of all time.

In a bid to break the rising star's confidence, his rivals smeared faeces in his lunchbox it has been claimed.

WWE's Mark Henry spoke candidly on the Busted Open Radio.

He said: "Me and The Rock, we always had our locker right next to each other.

"I came in and saw people laughing and giggling and running away from where our lockers were. I saw his box was open. I grabbed the box and was going to close it and I looked in it and there was s**t in it.

"Somebody s**t in his food box, so of course, I have to dispose of this and tell him, 'Hey man, don’t leave your food in here'. They were envious of us new guys coming in."

The legendary wrestler-turned-actor joined WWE in 1996.

By 2004 he had taken Hollywood by storm after appearing in films and commercials.

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The star of the Hobbs & Shaw blockbuster and the Jumanji series has a racked up a reported net worth of almost $300m since exploding into public life in 1996.

His formative years were primarily spent in the ring as a WWE superstar, during which time he became The People's Champ.

Still fondly remembered by fans for his charismatic and electric displays, he was a multi-time former world champion and one of the stars of the Attitude Era.

In recent times his social media fame has also risen – with 216 million followers on Instagram alone, the star has left no stone unturned.

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