Jade Goody's ex Jack Tweed gives take on THAT Jeff and Jackie row

EXCLUSIVE Strictly’s Bobby Brazier warned about ‘snakes’ by stepfather Jack Tweed as he gives his take on THAT row between Jeff and Jackie

  • EXCLUSIVE: Jack Tweed has waded into Jeff Brazier and Jackiey Budden row
  • Jack says Jade ‘would not want’ arguments and the family must ‘come together’
  • Jackiey sparked feud after calling ex-son-in-law Jeff a ‘C***’ at NTA ceremony  

Jade Goody ‘s widower Jack Tweed has waded into the ferocious row between his former mother-in-law Jackiey Budden and Jeff Brazier.

Jack, 36, who now lives in Brentwood, Essex with his new partner, said ex-wife Jade would hate the feud and called on the family to ‘come together’.

It comes after Jackie has repeatedly slammed TV presenter Jeff, calling him a ‘c***’ when watching grandson Bobby Brazier pick up a gong at the NTA’s and later in an exclusive chat with MailOnline.

Speaking outside her flat in Bermondsey, South London last week, Jackiey fumed: ‘When I came out for the NTA Awards, I’m loud and it’s the drink and someone went ‘oh I bet you’re really proud’ and ‘how do you get on with Jeff Brazier’ and I said ‘he’s a c**k’.

‘Next minute I’m on the internet and all over the papers. As I came out of the O2, someone overheard me say it, so they sold the story.’

Jade Goody and ex-husband Jack Tweed (pictured, in 2008) were married until her death from cancer aged 27 in 2009

Strictly and EastEnders star Bobby Brazier with dad Jeff at the NTA ceremony 

When asked if she said it and why, Jackiey fumed: ‘Of course I said it. I haven’t got a problem with (calling him that).

‘He’s been a c**k for f****** nine years.

‘Bobby doesn’t need that stress on his head. He’s my grandson.’

But Jack, who was married to Big Brother star Jade when she died of cancer aged just 27, said his ex-wife would have been horrified by the comments.

He told MailOnline: ‘Jade would not want that. She would just want peace for everybody. That is what is important.’

Unlike Jackiey, Jack, who now shies away from the limelight and works as an electrician with his dad, enjoys a good relationship with Jeff.

He said: ‘I get on with Jeff. We’re not close mates and we don’t speak all the time but it’s all very civil and that is the main thing.’

Aside from family drama, Jack spoke of his pride at seeing Bobby, 20, wow in front of millions on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday nights.

The 36-year-old is still in touch with Bobby and his brother Freddie, 19, who he spent time with as children before their mother Jade passed away in March 2009.

He gushed: ‘Bobby is absolutely amazing. I see a lot of Jade in him. He has fantastic stage presence and lights up the room and the television when he is on.

‘He has that unique and cheeky personality that Jade had. He’s smashing it and I am very proud of him.

‘It’s the first time I have ever watched Strictly. Jade would be over the moon to see him do so well and would be at every show I am sure.

‘It’s great to see. She would be immensely proud. In the house when he was very young, the music was always on, Jade was always dancing and I am sure he picked up some of it from that.

‘He’s a very confident lad and always has been and I can see Jade in him a lot.

‘He looks like her and carries himself like she does in a cheeky and loveable way.

‘He lights up the room you can tell.’

But Jack has issued a warning to Bobby about life in the limelight after drawing on his own experience and those of Jade.

The pair entered Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 and Jack said ‘snakes’ tried to get close to Jade.

Jade Goody and Jack Tweeds outside her home in Waltham Abbey on February 2009

Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell during their routine on Strictly dedicated to Bobby’s mother

He described show business as a ‘rough game’.

He added: ‘I would say to Bobby to be careful, especially the more successful he gets.

‘I know he has good people around him and he has a good head on his shoulders and his dad Jeff is looking after him.

‘It’s very hard to trust people in that industry. I found people constantly trying to turn you over and out to get you for their own benefit.

‘It’s the nature of the beast. A lot of people were going behind Jade’s back to make money from her.

‘It’s about greed. That world is full of snakes. Bobby I am sure will be careful of that. It is a rough game and I have told him that.

‘Jade had a lot of fake people around her. They were trying to be her mates but did not have her best interests at heart at all.

‘Bobby needs to be careful of that. But he has good people around him and that is what is important.

‘He has the world at his feet.’

Jack has called for TV shows and companies to do more to protect the mental health of contestants in light of a series of suicides in reality television.

He said: ‘There needs to be greater duty of care around that sort of issue. The mental health impacts can be huge.’

Jack – who has previously spoken of smoking cannabis says he is drug free and only drinks socially on odd occasions.

Jack, who lives with his girlfriend Ellie Sargeant, 28, said he would always love Jade.

Jack with his new girlfriend Ellie Sargeant, 28, who live together in Brentwood, Essex

Jack said he had ‘found love’ with Ellie (both pictured) and that the couple were ‘very close’

Jade and Jack married in February 2009, with Jade dying from cervical cancer just one month later.

He added: ‘I will always love Jade and I think about her often.

‘I visited her grave the other day and laid flowers.

‘When Jade died she asked me to still be part of Bobby and Freddie’s lives.

‘And I will be.

‘I think of Jade everyday. She did say she hoped I would find someone one day.

‘And I have found love with Ellie. We do not argue and we’re very close.

‘In many ways I still feel married to Jade, so I have not even thought about getting engaged to Ellie.

‘We’re taking it slow and seeing what happens.’

When discussing life now away from the limelight, he said he finds it much more comfortable.

He says he is happy working as an electrician around Essex, which he was doing when he met Jade aged 18.

He added: ‘I am happy. My life is OK.

‘Being away from the limelight is a lot better for me. I still sometimes get recognised but I do not mind that.

‘It is better than constantly thinking about it.

‘People might think fame is easy but Jade worked extremely hard. It was very tough.

‘I do commercial electrician jobs with my dad and life is good and normal.’

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